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Why drink tea?

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I’ve never been a tea enthusiast in my life, until lately. Tea has always been something “not interesting” and quite frankly, boring. Probably the lack of interest can also be intertwined with my young age and to the beverage preferences our age group usually has. Sodas, energy drinks, hot chocolate, alcohol etc.


Other factors also played their parts, that I didn’t know how many tea options there were. When I first went to a supermarket to specifically buy tea, I was shocked how enormous the selection was. I neither was aware of the health benefits tea has.


As a person who lives a very active lifestyle and does sports, I prioritize sleeping and the quality of it. I’ve noticed a slight improvement in these areas, after I’ve drank a big cup of tea in the evening, approximately an hour before going to bed. There’s a scientific explanation for this as well. Some ingredients in teas include natural herbs as in chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, and lavender. These herbs act as natural sleep aids and has the same impact as more known pharmaceutical product, melatonin.


Drinking tea for me has also become a luxury moment and the highlight of the evening. It’s a way to treat myself and just have a moment. A big part of choosing the right tea has a thing or two to do with the scent of it. It’s a part of the luxury moment when you get activate your sense of smell. To concentrate on it. You can almost taste the smell. It gives me a feeling of relaxation.


The best teas to my preference are sweet and fresh. I don’t buy a tea package if it doesn’t smell awesome.


There recently came a new tea product to the market called; Hekumu. The package looked nice and in the “hehkuva iltatuuli” tea flavor had those natural sleep aid herbs that I mentioned before. I couldn’t smell the product before buying it, which was a bummer, but I thought of it as it being a surprise then. I was happily surprised when I got back home, the scent was awesome. Adding a touch of honey from my Russian grandpa’s bee farm and vola. It’s perfect.





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  • Suong Tran

    Very inspiring story of living healthy 🙂 and love to hear about Hekumu! :*


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