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Ways to better your quality of living

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Aki Hintsa - Voittamisen anatomia
Aki Hintsa
James Clear
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This text will be written based on scientific research and concreate data. There will also be someone of the best insights which I have personally discovered and used to better my own life.


The object of writing these insights is not so that one only reads these but implements them into their everyday life. With the following structures listed down below, a person can turn their life dramatically, by focusing on the most critical, yet the smallest and simplest rules, that leads into an enjoyable life.


Let’s start off with the basics:




The first question everyone should ask themselves is “why do I sleep”? Is it only because society has told us to sleep and everyone just follows each other’s actions, or could there be a deeper reasoning for it? This question which one must ask themselves can’t be answered by anyone else, it is a personal question. What are one’s reasons to sleep? The reason to sleep 6 hours instead of 8, and vice versa. The way people will create everlasting chance in their life is by consciousness. Fully becoming aware of what are the ramifications and benefits to their actions.

There has been this mythology that if something cannot be seen, it does not exist. By now we know that is not true. In this day and age, we live in, a more accurate saying could even be “if something cannot be seen, it does exist. With the technological advances, scientist and researchers have been able to tear down the physiological effects of sleep. This article will not go through the benefits nor the disadvantages caused by sleep or the lack of. Instead, rationalizing and attemption of provoking the interest to become more aware of ones reasons behind their actions. When people become conciseness of their actions, they can then analyze them and think whether those actions hold any value to them.

For example, lets paint a picture: a professional athlete has stalled in their development, they become consciences of this fact and then starts to ponder what could be the explanations for this, what can they do better? Sleeping longer, eating more frequently, better hydration etc. The list goes on. After thinking through what the necessary adjustments would be to reach the next level, comes the question, whether the subject is important enough to commit even more. This is the moment where most dreams end up dying, sometimes even without the person realizing it. Because, the sad truth is, people lack in actions which make the impact. What about instead of sleeping longer, people could first try to improve the quality of sleep they’re currently having. This could mean getting blackout shades for their bedroom, a quality mattress, automated programming when all the electronic devises turn off, relaxing themselves before going to bed and so much more. If one is committed enough to a mission, they will act upon to succeed at the highest level. Sleep being at the highest of the attributes which one can focus their attention, in pursuit of a better quality of living.


Exercising and nutrition:


As all people know, exercising and the food we decide to digest, matters. Nevertheless, not many people have connected the dots that they relate to one another. It all goes back to the ideology of “you are what you eat”. Person who has just come from a jog or a workout of any kind, is way more likely to be craving a big solid warm meal, than a greasy pizza. Vice versa, a person who is laying on the coach Infront of a TV, will be more tempted to eat ice-cream and cookies. The surroundings people choose, will ultimately choose on their behalf. Knowing this, can be used as a very powerful tool to better one’s life. When ever there’s a feeling of neglection on some area of life, think about concreate places, where this issue could be relieved. This can be applied to writing school essays, getting an exercise done, socializing, resting etc. These places would be specific and in advance picked, which will make the process of going there significantly higher. The ideology behind having nominated spots for each category, is so the brain connects the habit, that is being committed to that specific location. When this behavior has been repeated time after time, it becomes an atomic habit, at that specific location.

The best and the worst places one could visit are the ones that only offer one type of service. Fast food restaurants for example. They knowingly only serve certain type food. The other element which makes fast food chains popular, is because they make it extremely easy for people to get food. Here’s an unpopular opinion that people don’t want to hear. Delete the takeaway apps on the phone, Wolt, Foodora etc. This will reduce the likability of people choosing the easy way out and instead, preparing healthier food at home. There should be a purpose and a meaning behind everything we do, this includes exercising and eating as well. Putting thought and effort into those two areas of life, will never be a bad bet. They will always do good in the long run.


Social life:


One big aspect people tend to neglect often in life is the social one. One could think that lack of socialness only affects one group of individuals. The elderly, maybe the students, but no, it as a matter of fact, it affects everyone. Some of course more than others, but in generally speaking, everyone shares this problem. People live in the moment and focus on driving their goals in life forward. In all this ruckus, people neglect their loved ones around them. It usually only becomes a problem after it has become a problem. How could we try to prevent this even from happening in the first place? This is the question we should be seeking an answer to. Famous doctor by the name of Aki Hintsa explained in his biography that he had to discover the answer to this the hard way. Aki was a true believer of hard work, and he went overboard with it. After depression, the possibility of loosing his family and so more, he found the cure to the root problem: balance. There needs to be time devoted in people’s life, for the ones they hold dearest to. By nature, humans are social animals, so there is that natural demand for human interaction.




On average, people spend a quarter of their lifetime working. Let that sink in. How could we then better the quality of that time spent? The answer is: finding meaning. It is crucial to long term happiness. It’s hard for people to find work pleasurable when there is no meaning behind it. Tolerant yes, but even this is achieved by something as external as having great co-workers.



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