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Psychology of money – blogiessee

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The annual night of paja’s is here once again and when looking through the themes there was this one that popped out to me immediately, the psychology of money.To be honest the only reason that I participated to this paja was the word money itself. I didn’t have any expectations which was good because then I may have been disappointed which happened with the other paja.


Are you a spender or a saver?

The checking question was: are you a spender or a saver? Well a younger me were definitely a spender. You’d give me money and I couldn’t save it or keep it to myself for more than a day. I immediately spent it and sometimes on not so smart things. Hearing how others have been saving till they’ve been 13 or younger and now having the money to buy their first house of course made me a bit bitter because well who wouldn’t want that. But then again what’s done is done and each childhood is different from others, some like to buy with the money toys or do fun activities and others may not have that as their first priority which is in other way fascinating to see how can money impact only a 13 years old mindset. As getting older I’ve become more in between and to be honest wouldn’t probably even want to be a saver, I’d rather be in between. A person who is smart enough to know why you should save but not as greedy to not spend it on things that make me happy such as traveling. Healthy balance is what’s needed.


What is money to you?

I’ve always had a love and hate relationship with money. Sometimes I think that I’ll be satisfied with my own floral shop and not caring about the paycheck as long as I’m happy. And because we live in a world of social media, seeing others life so openly and all the success, makes you inspired and ambitious for sure. Why wouldn’t I become a millionaire, right.

There’s a lot of opinions on whether money makes you happy or not. And to be honest there’s not a right answer, however through paja when we were asked if money could solve our problems, a lot of people agreed. With money you can buy things or do things that bring you joy. For some it’s traveling for another, collecting arts. Not the money itself but what can be bought by it.

At the end of the paja, I decided to put the psychology of money, written by Mourgan Housel to my reading list. The following link has some interesting articles that may be interesting to you aswell.




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