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Personal branding – opportunity that creates more opportunities

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Personal Branding: A Comprehensive Beginners Guide for 2020
Ben Smith
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At some point of my live I thought social media was my hobby. I enjoyed sharing moments and making them look pretty. Photo editing and coming up with text content was fun. Back then I never realised that I might be doing something beneficial for my future work-life at the same time. But that’s actually what I was kinda doing. I was doing personal branding, I have now realised. 

For couple of years now, I haven’t posted on instagram or anywhere else that much anymore. It has started to feel like pushing too hard and like I was creating content that people don’t actually care about. Something changed. I feel pressure about it now. I even feel guilty sometimes for not being active on social media. It’s probably all the hustle and talk about personal branding, that makes it seem harder nowadays. Personal branding, though, was something that I probably did pretty well back in the day. Because I enjoyed it. It is very beneficial, when you are just yourself and definitely don’t take pressure on it. But now with all the great 24/7 instagrammers and influencers out there, I (atleast) feel like I have to be some superhuman to hack it. 

But these worries of mine, they’re all (so so so) unnecessary! What for me seemed like a nice hobby is just what people are and what they should be doing, if they want to get the opportunities that personal branding is offering. It is not about showing off and lying about stuff to make you look better. It’s what it has always been fundamentally; being yourself and sharing moments that show what is important to you in different platforms. There are no tricks in this field. Just you and only you doing you. If you want to make something great out of it, ofcourse. 

So now that all the pressure is hopefully minimized, we can concentrate on, what are the benefits and the opportunities of personal branding, I talked about. I got my hands on Ben Smith’s book Personal Branding – a comprehensive guide for 2020. So pretty fresh stuff is going to be handled in this essay. The book is very simple and leaves no question about whether it is good to think about your personal branding or not. What to me was the greatest thing, it didn’t highlight faking or manipulating as a way to succeed with personal branding. It really helped this kind of person that I am, to see it as something fun again. So let’s  look what it can do to your life if you decide to do you also in social media. 


Gaining trust

Surprise surprise people are going to trust you more. Developing a brand for yourself gives people opportunity for that (Smith, 2019). And why is that? Well think about it. Is there any chance you could trust someone if you knew nothing about them and never talked to them? Yep that’s why. When you put it all out there, you give people chance to know something about you. You give them chance to talk to you. If your goal is that people come to you knowing you are good at what you do, you have to be the one to start those relationships. And by giving reason to trust in you by sharing stuff about yourself, you do it very easily. 

Trust makes people feel more naturally attracted to you (Smith, 2019). Someday when you may have your own company or your own product, you will sell so much more and get accepted by people, when you have already established trust with them. If you should sell something as fast as possible you probably would call someone who is very close to you. Am I right? That’s the point. When people are already attracted to you and they trust you, they will much more likely buy something from you, or some other way benefit you. 


Being an asset

If you are visible and tell clearly what is it that you love to do, people will remember you from it (Smith, 2019). Being clear about what you are good at and that you are great person to work with, makes people think you are someone that could fulfil their need for what you do. So you are more likely to be suggested for jobs, what you already love to do. Isn’t it great?

While you are doing what you do, you will start getting more connections. When you have made effort of putting content out there and that way getting people to trust you, now they start connecting with you much more easily. So it has moved from you to others to start even deeper relationship.  


Differentiating yourself

If you are not visible, people have no clue, why you would be better than the next person doing exactly what you desire to be doing (Smith, 2019). You are not seen as valuable, if you have no show of what you could do for someone.  And no, you don’t have to be actually any better than others, you just have to be more visible. That way you are easier discovered and people see that you do things differently. 

And also this is about relationships again. People, who are looking for something, don’t want to waste time on creating a relationship (Smith, 2019). They want others to be creating relationship with them. If you are visible and actually interfere with others, you are seen as someone who puts effort to these relationships (Smith, 2019). 


About authenticity

In the world of everybody differencing themselves from the rest, authenticity is highly admired (Smith, 2019). Because you have to go out there, it is even more important to be genuine than different from others. You still have to think about what makes you special, but it needs to be something that is actually in you. 

And this is the part where I had trouble. I felt like I had to fake to make it. That’s exactly why you have to make sure your brand in social media is who you are truly. It’s crucial, when avoiding the situation of  not giving up on it. Nobody will manage to keep up a fake brand online so long till the moment it starts to even benefit them. By being just who you are, you don’t always have to think twice or worry about braking the fake image.  


Aligning more opportunities

It is pretty obvious, but as you are seen more valuable and in a genuine way, you attract more opportunities (Smith, 2019). But not any opportunities. Opportunities that suit you perfectly. These opportunities take into consideration your area of talent and your ability to serve (Smith, 2019). 

You might even be in a place, where you can choose between opportunities.  People, who do not have high enough perceived value, will have to take whatever opportunities come their way (Smith, 2019). And yes of course everybody has to start somewhere, but this is one of the great deals you get by building you personal branding game. 



It definitely isn’t easy to build your own personal brand, but it sure as hell has some amazing benefits to it. And that’s a great starting point. Understanding how much it can give you and seeing that it is actually just about being yourself, can make it seem far more approachable. That’s what I wanted to say with this essay. It is just another opportunity that you got to try. It is an opportunity, which brings you a whole punch of new opportunities.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It can feel a little uncomfortable, but that’s part of the game. If you never stop to think about what it is that you actually want to do and what are your real values, you won’t go very far. So after all, it’s all good for you. And as you grow as a person, there’s even more good things on their way to you. 





  • Smith, B. 2019. Personal Branding – A Comprehensive Beginners Guide for 2020. USA. Read 9.4.2020. Referred 11.4.2020. 

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