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Sanna’s Third Week

Last week I decided to focus more something specific in my personal blog and now it time for that. I was thinking what would be current topic for this week.


Usually when someone ask my weakness I answer that is patience, I think I don’t have it enough. I could have more of it and I could be better at it. When I do something I just want do it and the do the next task. Of course it can be also a good thing and I can be more productive because of that. But still, specially here I need to train that patience a lot and these ten weeks is perfect opportunity for that. People here work different times and the way they work is different comparing to Finland. I don’t always understand everything what people talk or we don’t always have every information that we could have. And everything can always change. So I can also learn more that laying in uncertainty, learn more to feel comfortable and relax even I don’t what is happening. But I think that is easier, the hardest part is still the patience.

I read a couple articles about patience. When I was writing that patience in google and I tried to find something to read about, I noticed that there is lot of websites and articles which give you tips or advices how to be more patience and how to come more patience. First I wanted to find some research about patience and personalities and our brain, like some science things to read but maybe I didn’t have enough patience to look for those because in the end I read two articles which give you some tips. But that is okay too. I think. Maybe those tips are useful and make you think.

I have took lessons about breathing and I know how just breathing can help you to be patience or change your mindset better. In the first article there was advice to take deep breaths and relax. That is something I usually do or try to do. I just need to remember do that. There was also tip wich advice you to make yourself to wait. Example if you have food or ice cream, don’t eat it right away, wait a moment.

Make Yourself Wait

The best way to practice patience is to make yourself wait. A study published in Psychological Science shows that waiting for things actually makes us happier in the long run. Start with something small like waiting a few extra minutes to drink that milkshake and then move on to something bigger. You will begin to gain more patience as you practice. (Inc. 2017)

Maybe there is something in it but I’m not completely convinced.

The another article in New York Times was a little bit better, it gave me more to think.
For example: If standing in a long line drives you crazy, an appropriate mantra might be, “I’m in no rush at the moment.” For those who blow a fuse circling for parking spaces, a mantra that might work could be, “I’ll find a spot eventually.” (New York Times. 2018) Usually the worst thing that poison our mind and make us less patience is our own thoughts and our own mind. I can choose how I can think and I should do that more often.

If there is something I could really learn people from Brazil is the patience. I have been here now almost three weeks and I have had challenges with my health and I have had to go to the hospital two times. Both times lasted about 4 hours. That is a long time to wait and be unirformed about that what is going to happen. When I was hospital I was so angry and mad and sad and impatient. I hate waiting. Both times there has been someone helping me at the hospital to speak the doctors and helping me to survive there. And they have been so calm. But is it because people here are used to wait or why they can be so happy and calm almost every situation? Or doesn’t people want to show their real feelings here if they feel angry or impatient? Anyway, I can learn something from people here.

And yes, there is more that makes me also impatient. Example those situations when I need to explain many times everything so people can understand me. And still there can be a chance that they don’t understand me correctly. Maybe I need to accept that because english is not our first language and it is harder to understand and to be understood. What can I do? I can try to relax and breathe. Wait. Write good sentence to my head like ” I’m in no rush at the moment” or something else.

At the moment I need to be at home because I’m sick. That sucks. I don’t want to be here. I want to work and enjoy Sao Luis with my new friends. But I need to wait that I’m feeling better again and my fever drops. Now I really have the chance to focus on my patience and focus on my thoughts. What should I think so I can manage trough this without feeling so impatient?

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