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How can we help wall

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The idea behind “How can we help” wall is to network and get to know each other. New students who are arriving to Proakatemia can easily see which people they can contact on a specific topic and get their foot in from the get-go. The wall works the other way around as well.


Older students can as well network, find project staff, partners, or just to get to know what others are involved in or are good at.




The idea was not original, but one seen from Jyväskyläs Team Academy. It was such a great idea and seemingly a working one, that it had to be implemented to Proakatemia. The way of actualizing it was a bit different though from Jyväskylä, because in there, only one specific team had made that kind of a wall, and with us, anyone can go and put their “resume” to showcase.




“How can we help” wall is in the fifth floor’s team space, where the old library was situated. It’s still a bit rough looking but it will be improved for the upcoming semester. All help is welcomed.


Call to action:


Whether you’re an old student, new, or even an alumnus or a coach, I encourage you to put your resume on the wall and create value for Proakatemia and yourself. Creating a quick design doesn’t require no more than the free version of Canva and a few minutes from your time.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller



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