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Getting better at sales

Kirjoittanut: Henri Roivas - tiimistä Eventa.

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When I was around age 20, I already had burnout at my courier. Back in those wild old days I was working at different restaurants, doing way too long working days. It was just normal day for me to go work around 9-11 am and finish day around 11-12 pm. When you are doing that much work, many weeks in row you can’t handle it too long. That happened to me, even that I loved cooking, it was my passion.

Because of burnout I had so much trouble in my life, so I decided to give away all my furniture and stuff that I owned and leave Finland. I decided head to Australia. I only had 1 problem. I didn’t had money after I bought flight tickets and 1 year working holiday visa. I thought that what could be the solution to my problem? I started thinking, and I realized that many of my friends were good salesman. So, I thought that why couldn’t I be also. So, I did send couple of emails to different employees to apply a job and luckily got couple receives back. These jobs that I applied, were mobile operator companies that easily give a change for new salesman to start their courier and give a change to prove your hidden skills. I had 2 interviews that went well. First place offered me job straight away, but I told that I had also other interview for that day on my calendar. When I went to another interview I kind only asked like “What is the maximum amount of money I can make here?”. at the end of interview the interviewer told me, that they had already decided job applicants that they are going to take in, but for my luck interviewer told me “you did show so much passion and self-confidence that I think we can still take 1 more applicant in”. At that point I told that I will take this position, because work was harder, but it would offer me better changes to get better salary if I do good sales.

Frank Bettger told at his book – How did I become top class salesman that: “Selling is easiest job in the world, if you just try hard enough – but it starts to be the most painful and arduous job in the world if you try to manage despite the odds, have a narrow squeak”. For me only goal was to be best salesman in Finland and after that, quit and go to Australia. I realized the odds that wasn’t on my side because I had never been a salesman before. Luckily, I had clear mindset and I recognized my possibilities, also I wasn’t scared at all. First time ever when I did put headphones on and dialed first customer number to start my first sales phone call ever, I did succeed with best possible way. So, I made sales at my first phone call ever! That was huge boost for my start as a salesman. Firs month I made my best sales ever. Salary was supposed to be more than 6000 euros. After that first month, I did quit and left for Australia. I was sure that I would be rich man soon, when it would be a pay day. Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well. I didn’t know that Enia Oy wouldn’t pay any sales that are confirmed after quitting. Almost all those sales that I had done, were like that, so I started my adventure in Australia kind like with no money. But let’s not talk about Australia anymore, let’s get back to sales!

So, after a bit more than one year of travelling, I came back to Finland. I took back my old sales job, because I had some bills to pay and I did enjoy working there before Australia a lot. Frank Bettger realized at his book that the base and core of all sales job is that: “salesman can find out what customer really wants and then helps him or her giving advice how they could get what they wanted easiest way”. I think Frank has point there. What is first thought when salesman calls to you trough phone and try to sell you something, like tablet computer with 4 g connection? I am sure that most of you guys would say “sorry, I’m kind like busy right now or something like that” How can you sell to that kind of customer who doesn’t have time or interests to talk with you? Easy, you just must find out what that customer really wants and help him or her to get that easiest way through you. Frank Bettger also talks a lot about waking trust with your customers. I see that also being one of most important things when talking with someone you don’t know. How could someone buy something from you if they can’t trust you? Frank Betteger’s sales book is quite old, but there are many things you can still bring to action, let’s make an example. If you are salesman who must do a lot of customer contacting face to face, it is more than important to look good, that way you can make trust with customer so much easier.

I have always enjoyed sales a lot, maybe because I have been good at it. I would still like to learn more about it especially face to face. For me sales have been always interesting, because you can always find new ways to get that customer say yes with smile on his or her face.


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