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You have to leave something behind to go forward.

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In Nasa, the spacecraft has two solid rocket boosters,

solid rocket booster (SRB) is a large solid propellant motor used to provide thrust in spacecraft launches from initial launch through the first ascent. 

These rockets help the rocket to go up into the skies, until the point the spacecraft rich 45 km, when the spacecraft rich that altitude they need to separate and the spacecraft continues alone, this is the example, we need to leave something behind to go forward.


Many times we end in this situation, where we need to leave something. I’m not just talking about material things, and sometimes it can be people or feelings.

We are designed to see forward. The physical structure of our eyes is placed in the front of our head, so we can see what is in front of us. Again, I believe, is because we need to move forward and not backward. 


Maybe because of this, we can imagine different futures possibilities. I need to admit humans are very extraordinary animals.

It is in our nature to move forward, but sometimes it is hard to do it. I remember I used to smoke quite often. I think it was three-packs in the week. I remember when I tried to stop smoking, it was challenging. For months, I tried many things to take the cigarettes out of my life, but I could stop smoking no matter all the effort I made. Well, I don’t need to tell you how bad cigarettes are for your health. Everyone knows that. 


I remember I was in a super lousy shape couldn’t run even 2 kilometers without getting super tired. I wouldn’t say I liked that feeling so well. I decided that I wanted to run 5 km and feel good, but to do that, I quit the number of cigarettes, from 3 packs to smoke one pack per week and go more often too short runs. From 1 pack of cigarettes per week to 2 cigarettes per day, from 2 per day to 0 per day, from 5 km to 12 km, and feeling fabulous. I must to leave something behind to be able to move forward.


Humans have the ability to collect things; maybe some of the items are not good for us, or some of those we don’t need, but we just keep them. 

Sometimes we are available to keep feelings. Some of them are negative feelings. I don’t say have bad feelings is bad. What I am saying is we don’t need to keep them inside us for too long. 


Not a long time ago, a couple of years. I was very mad with my Dad, who was important in my life. My Dad did so many bad things to my family and me. So when I moved away from my country, I was affected too deep by him. What I did was in secret. For many years I hated my Dad. But was only one problem, he didn’t know how I hated him. 


I remember creating this bitterness inside my heart. I wanted to move forward in my life, but I couldn’t. This huge anger and resentment were on my heart. Finally, one day I said enough. I decided to forgive my Dad, I called him, and I remember saying, I forgive you, I don’t want anything in return. I just want to tell you I forgive you.  

For the first time in many years, I could move from froward without the bitters in my heart or anger. Learning to forgive is vital for both our mental and physical wellbeing.

Increasing positive emotions while reducing negative ones, such as blame and anger, benefits our cardiovascular health and reduces ill health (Tennen & Affleck, 1990; Miller, Smith, Turner, Guijarro, & Hallet, 1996).


Here in Proakatemia we learning to create companies in teams, but what is a team? 

Team: a number of people or animals who do something together as a group.

In a team, you need to understand or see that everyone has unique skills and nobody is perfect. 


In our team entrepreneur, we go through the process of making a decision are not comfortable, and one of those is quick out a member of our team out of the company. What an experience! My team and I decided to take out one member of the team.

We when too many possibilities, we analyse  so many things, and we contemplate many options, for us, it was challenging to make this kind of decision. 


No matter how talented the person is, how much knowledge this person has, how much experience they have, or how many titles they have. If the person doesn’t fit and doesn’t know how to play with others, the team need to make decision to play with out that member for the good of the team.


It is better to lose a member than to lose the whole team.


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