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Why does your organisation exist?

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This book was very interesting, and I really enjoyed it. Sinek has really great examples and the book is quite easy to read and understand. Sometimes I think some of the examples were a bit out dated, but you have to remember that the book was published in 2009. When I say outdated, I think that some of the examples where great back then but as the book is almost ten years old now, I would say that Sinek would have maybe used some other examples also. Even though they might have been a bit old, they were still good examples.

The book has examples of companies and leaders that have managed to differentiate somehow from others. They have also been somehow more successful than some rivals. According to Sinek, this is because they have a different approach. They start with why.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

According to Sinek, the basic approach is to start with what. Most people know what they do. Most companies start with what they have to offer. Some people and organisations know how they do it. But many don’t know why. For example, many companies usually start with the what, we offer you this computer. Then they proceed to the how part, how is this better? How are we going to implement this? These are all very common things for a company to do. What many companies don’t do is explain or proceed with the why. Why are they selling this product? Everyone is usually doing this to get profit, but that isn’t the real why. By why, the company should figure out things like the cause and purpose of what they are doing. If they implement the why, and have a successful why, to for example their marketing strategy, Sinek claims that they will differentiate from most others and that they have a possibility to be more successful. That is why, it is important to know why you are doing it. You should also start with the why, not with the what.

Should our co-operative implement Sinek’s thoughts? I think yes. If we started our projects with figuring out the why, it could help us through the project. Also, as Sinek has written in his book, we could differentiate from others and bring more customer value. It could also be easier for the customers to do the purchasing decision if we started with the why. As I read the book, I was trying to figure out the why for my current projects. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. I also started thinking, what if my whys are different than what my colleges have? I came to the conclusion that the why should be figured out in the very beginning of the project. It should also be something that everyone agrees on. I hope it’s not yet too late.

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