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What I learned from Jet skies.

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During the summer of 2022 I got the opportunity to be part in a project of our teammate, that I was happy to join. Because the project and its idea look fun themselves. Also, people know that I love fun stuff. You guessed right, its jet ski business, or what’s called “vesijettit”. Personally, it was a learning opportunity as well as financial support for my studies of the upcoming year. During this essay or blogpost, I would like to illustrate some of my learnings during our summer project.

First learning thing to take with us in our businesses is having a plan B. If someone told me this before I would just skip it. But, because I have seen it and experienced it, I took by heart and learned it in the right way. However, the answer of the “how?” can be given by a simple example. Well, people are used to speed up with jet skies and experienced they were or not, they make mistakes, and they break some parts of the watercraft. If not, they mess up the whole machine or sink it in the lake. That’s why we had to have free jet sies ready in cases like these. If not, and there are more bookings for the next day or hour, there’ll be a need for other watercrafts.

Second thing learned is that classic marketing matters. I’m not saying that digital marketing didn’t help, but the number of costumers we got through posters and business cards is almost same as the website, sometimes even more. When people pass by the dock, they see the poster and ask about prices, then they come on the next week. Also, when some jet ski is attached to a sauna boat, it looks like the extreme summer experience for people, so they get attracted to rent watercrafts.

With last one comes another big tip which is giving best costumer service/ experience. The user experience was the easiest but also one of the most important ones. It was easy because the business itself is fun, then you add more by little smile and small jokes and laughter. Then people are asking about other bookings in the end of the summer, and that is a big selling point. Not just for short term, but for long term as well. In another sense, we were gaining loyal people by our sides.


Carolyn Y., How to Start a Jet Ski Rental Business, created 01/02/2022, edited 20/09/ 2022.Link:https://stepbystepbusiness.com/business-ideas/start-a-jet-ski-rental-business/

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