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Trust in your Tribe.

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Start with Why
12 Rules for Life: An Antidote for Chaos
Simon Sinek
Jordan Peterson
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Humankind has survived thousands of years through natural disasters, wars, extreme weather. Not just because we are strong animals, actually we are very far from it. Strength and size alone do not guarantee success. So, what makes humankind so strong and successful species? We have succeeded as species because of our ability to form tribes. 

Tribe is the group of people who come together around a common set of values and beliefs; when we share values and beliefs with others, we form trust

Because we were able to trust each other, we able to survive thousands and thousands of years, the ability to rely on others to help protect us and our family members is the key to our success.  

Archaeological remains of the paleolithic era shows us the example of trust, archaeologists have found bones of the elderly, of adults with some deformity in their body. These remains show us that humans cared for each other, regardless of physical condition. 

We humans understood that our only way to survive was through trust, the ability to take care of our tribe and our tribe take care of me.  


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

African proverb” 


We are not so different from the cavemen, we are part of many tribes, where we share the common values and beliefs, for example we are part of the tribe that fights against animal abuse, we are part of the veganism tribe, we are part of the tribe of entrepreneurs, we form tribes around brands, even products. 

That is why brands are so powerful, not because they have millions in the bank, is because they are a big tribe, because their workers from CEO’s to the mailman and to their customers share the same values and beliefs.  

But trust doesn’t emerge because someone comes and says some rational things and we need to trust in him or her. Trust emerges when we have sense that another person or organization is driven by things other than their own self-gain. 


You can’t convince someone to trust you, if you don’t represent anything to them, you don’t have any value to them. Value is the principles or standards of behaviors, one’s judgment of what is important in life. Value is the transaction of trust.   

To have Value you must share the same values and beliefs by communicating and demonstrating. You need to talk, do and prove why you are doing those things.  

Trust emerges when people value the other members of the tribe when they see why this person is valuable for my tribe and for me because they believe what I believe. 


“trust is an unbelievably powerful economic force, maybe the most powerful economic force.”  

Jordan Peterson. 


Trust doesn’t come from lies, it comes from telling the Truth. Truth is the light in the darkness, is the order in the chaos, Truth builds edifices that can stand a thousand years. 

 Truth edifies, transforms, and makes humans better people for society. 

The Truth is what makes the nations wealthy and safe; Truth gives to the poor food and clothes. Truth is making partners, no enemies, Truth makes Tribes strong and unite. No telling the Truth will cost you everything.  

Your Truth is only you can tell, based as it is on the unique circumstances of your life. Say your Truth and communicate it carefully in an articulate manner to yourself and for the other. Telling the Truth will give security in your life and will provide you with a structure of your current’s beliefs.  


Telling the Truth will lead you beyond power and Authoritarianism. That is what Truth does break all power of submission, manipulation, and tyranny. The absence of Truth is lies, manipulation, disappointments, and dead. Maybe this can sound very radical but think about this. If the closest member of a tribe lies to you, it feels like the image you had of that person is destroye in a thousands pieces, is like you don’t know that person a lot. You are asking Who really you are? Because I thought you are this person, but I see you are not. It is like a house of cards. Everything falls apart. All about that person is a lie, and you cannot trust anymore. Why believe in someone who lies to you?


Remember, the tribe needs you, but the tribe needs the best of you. You have a place in your tribe, you have something to apport to your tribe, but what the tribe needs is the Truth from you because only like that the tribe can get a benefit from you and you can benefit from the tribe.  

When you say the Truth to your tribe or community you apport to the develop of the of it, because opportunities emerge from the Truth, collaboration emerges from the Truth, business emerges from the Truth, the Truth is made feel you are protected. 

  Image this in a company, Apple the big example of culture tribe business, everyone who works in Apple, they share the same values and beliefs, and this is because they are one of the strongest companies in the world.   

My big question is where are you? We need you! This tribe needs the best of you, and the tribe will help you, because they trust in you, take care of your tribe and the tribe will take care of you.  



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