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Together is Better

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Together is Better
Simon Sinek
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Many of us just live our lives by accident. We just do the things that we believe are good for us. We go to work and usually just do our jobs just to earn some money so we can go on with our lives. Do you enjoy your work? To find out if you do or do not just think how does it feel to wake up on monday morning? What are your thoughts when you open your eyes to the sound of the alarm bell? Do you wake up feeling inspired and can’t wait to go to work? If you do congrats this essay is about useless to you as a peep hole in a glass door. Im just kidding here but seriously this essay is about the feeling of purpose and inspiration. Well if you are one of those who might be thinking ”Oh, for fuck sake is it Monday already?” In the morning. Then this essay might have something in it for you.


Life Is Short So Why Waste It?

Yes I know you hear this a lot and it is annoying every single time ”Life is short”. But it is true. To be honest with you life can also be really shit sometimes. We all know this but it’s even more of that without the feeling of fulfillment and inspiration. If we go to work and try to survive through the week with finally reaching the weekend when we get to enjoy the two days out of our week. What do you call that? I call that wasting your life.  If your job is just Fine. Not great, just fine. Why are you doing it? Are you possibly clinging to the ”financial security” it provides? Well guess what you can have both a great job and financial security. It is more about the fear of leaving something with out the certainty of finding a something better, like a great job. ”After all, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t” (Sinek, 2016). It takes real courage to leave and to try find something new. But here is the great thing. If you have other people with you on this journey in the search of something new and better. ”They will give you the courage to keep going.” (Sinek, 2016).


Find a Innovator

”There are two ways to go on a journey – walk away from something or go towards something. But what if you don’t know where to go? ”Find a job you love,” we’re told. ”Find your passion and do that,” they say. All good advice and perfectly useless.” (Sinek, 2016). If we would know our vision we wouldn’t be working for a company where we don’t belong. Would we? Because if we had a clear vision we would be working towards that. But many of us don’t know what our vision is. Also sometimes it can take a life time to find your vision. Lucky for us someone already has the answers we are looking for. They are called the Innovators. ”Innovators are the ones whose dreams are clearer than the reality that tells them they’re crazy.” (Sinek, 2016). So try to find these people who are called crazy because of their ”mad ideas” and visions. But To actually know if an idea will work or not is to simply do it.


 Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Yes I know another cliche but there is actually a reason why something becomes a cliche. And the reason is that it is somewhat true. ”Life is difficult and dangerous. Anyone who would attempt to do it alone is simply mad. We know to always do difficult things whit a buddy. So if the journey of life is to be filled with setbacks and disappointments, with confusion and uncertainty, it makes sense that we should trust others to join us on the journey.” (Sinek, 2016). We simply can’t do remarkable things alone. So let’s stop pretending so and pull together okay? For a group of people to do remarkable things it all hangs on the fact how do they work together and trust each other as a team. Also in a team the part of the leader is very important. But I’m not going too much in to leadership in this essay. 


What if You Succeed?

”What happens if we succeed, if we find the thing we’re looking for? That perfect place. A place we feel safe. A place we feel trusted and trusting. A place we find happiness and wealth beyond our Imagination.” (Sinek, 2016). By Sinek our greatest challenge is not the path we travel to success. The greatest challenge comes after we find success when it comes to deciding what we are going to do with it.




Sinek, S. 2016. Together is better: a little book of inspiration. New York. Portfolio/Penguin. 

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