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The first 10 of 17 SDG’s

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The year 2030 

In September 2015 the nations came together in New York for the World Summit on Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda for Action to ensure our and future generations’ future on this planet. It is a guide for global development efforts to the year 2030. They came up with an agreement that includes 17 different goals that address sustainable development. What are these 17 sustainable development goals and what kinds of action/promises have companies made regarding these first 10 development goals?  

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals 

These 17 sustainable goals are an extension of the promise of the turn of the millennium. They agreed together on the nations to be followed and pursue. From the last goals from the promise of the turn of the Millenium, nations were able to cut the beggary by half, brought clean drinking water to 2 million people, and got nine out of ten kids to start school and provide education. The 17 sustainable development goals are for example suppose to end the beggary, cut relative poverty by half, eliminate inequality, and sustainable economy.  

Let’s see the first 10 goals on 17 sustainable development goals, and what different companies, countries, and organizations have in Finland done or going to do regarding them. 


No poverty; Eradicate poverty in all its forms everywhere.  

Even though poverty has been decreased it is still a problem that many people are facing. By extreme poverty, we mean people who earn less than 1,90 $ a day. In the 2021 march, it was estimated that 9,2 % of the world population live in extreme poverty, meaning 689 million people. Poverty occurs especially in countries where there are a lot of difficulties regarding the climate and nation. 

In 2019 a Swedish company Ericcson made a deal with South African teleoperation MTN South Africa on mobile monetary cooperation, where they drive to provide internet for the whole of Africa to enable digital banking services. This should give more opportunities money-wise and bring the countries and people opportunity to safe banking online.  

In 2020 Ericcson and MTN South Africa have won the building a better more inclusive, digital world award at AfricaCom. Together they can offer the country various telecom solutions from 2G to 5G allowing people to reach nations and have more opportunities. 


Zero Hunger; End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture 

In 2020 it was estimated that 8,9 % of the world’s population so 690 people still suffer from hunger and by the year 2050 the amount would grow to 2 billion. Reasons, why people are starving, are because for example the world population growth, changes in the environment, and changes in the eating habits due to globalization and urbanization. Change in the food industry has led to for example that lots of small farmers are not able to compete in the market with big producers and also that almost two billion people are at least partially dependent on imported foods. 

Life science company Chr. Hansen focuses on this goal by researching and studying batteries that could be good for plants. Idea is to give natural solutions to the plants to protect them and their roots, so they would be able to produce more crops and so they would not be easily destroyed by pets. They see the big potential on it, that plants can solve partly the hunger with their good bacterias. At the moment their biological plant protection solution NEMIX C can increase yield in sugar canes by 10 %. 


Good health and well-being; Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. 

This goal is more focused on the environmental aspects that help increase health and well-being. One of the reasons for this goal is to decrease the deaths caused by pollution and provide a healthier environment to grow. It is more common to die because of the pollution in the air. The tiny particles get into the body and cause diseases. So decreasing the pollution in the air and environment would benefit humankind, especially in Asian countries where the city air is contaminated.  

Novo Nordisk focused on this goal by trying to provide an easier and healthier way to lose weight and increase good health and well-being. The belief is that being overweight is not only a habitual or genetic problem but that our brain is more involved in it. After long testing and working with diabetes they found that semagludit has an affection on the brain part that regulates appetite. It can help to lose 15 % of extra fat in a year. It would provide new an effective and cheap way to lose weight and help overweight people. 


Quality Education; Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all 

In 2021 there were estimated that around 58,4 million children do not receive an education. This goal aims to provide every child in the world an opportunity to go to school and get the basic education that is needed. Especially in third world countries. Also, it focuses to even out the education quality between cities and the countryside and gives more attention to children who are in a need of special arrangements regarding education.  

Real Relife company tackles the problem in developing countries, where almost 130 million girls are not able to go to school partly because they can not afford pads. Real Relief provides girls with their innovation SafePad which is a pad that is washable and reusable, thanks to the antimicrobial technology. This gives more girls the opportunity to go to school and get an education. 


Gender equality; achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. 

Gender equality is a big topic, and empowering women and girls around the world is believed to help with this power gap. The inequality can be seen in parliament and big companies where most of the people with power are men. Also, women work more unpaid and take care of household work, which may keep them away from pursuing a career and getting a better education. Girls around the world to this day come pregnant at an early age which is dangerous and get married before the age of eighteen. Women and girls meet many injustices and because of that, we must empower them and give them justice. 

The company L’oreall aims for equality. In their company, they want to have an equal amount of women and men working. They ensure that the paycheck is not dependent on the gender and that women get the necessarily paid maternity leave even if the country doesn’t meet the standards. They also try to ensure they have people from all the ethical groups presented. Giving a strong example of how you can as a company provides gender equality is a big step and hopefully, it leads other companies to improve. 


Clean Water and Sanitation; Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all 

Most of the world’s water resources are used in the industrial industry. Around 70 % of the water we use is used in industrial matters. Around every third person in the world lives without clean water. A big part of the water that we use ends up dirty in our oceans. This needs to be changed and taken action on. To make sure that everyone can get clean water and that the oceans do not get polluted.  

In a city, on Kap the city announces every beginning of the week what is the city’s water situation. How much water there is and how much the people have used. This is something that the people keep an eye on to prevent the water to run out. Many cities in poor and hot countries face this problem with water shortage. But giving the numbers on the water influences people and they are reminded of the issue weekly. It would be smart to track these in western countries and give them weekly to keep the crisis the humans are facing in the mind and more visible.  


Affordable and Clean Energy; Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all 

At the moment most of the world’s energy that we consume is made with fossil fuels. The usage of greener variations is growing but the change needs to be more. One thing that will be a big topic is how the developing countries are going to react to it and will they prefer green energy instead of fossil. It has been said that we can affect energy usage by making smart choices with our energy use. It can also have a big effect by the year 2050. 

Using green energy has been a big change. Meaning that more than more companies and private people prefer green variations over fossil. But to provide and produce green energy there is a need for innovational ways to make green energy.  

Countries can make the change from fossil to green easier for their citizen. Provide bonuses or scholarship money if you decide to change or increase taxation on fossil fuels.  


Decent Work and Economic Growth; Promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all 

One of the issues has been that young adults have not been able to find jobs. It is harder to find a top place to work after graduating, there are not many decent working places in the market. Also, good working conditions and a good salary are a need in many places. Mostly the need is for new jobs that are meaningful and support green values. 

Heidelberg Cement company build a huge solar panel plant in a smaller village. This project provided work for many people with good working conditions and a good salary. This also was a way to grow the community and come together. Where there are people there is work and opportunities to work.  


Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation 

Industries and companies try to lower their CO emissions. On top of that upgrade, factories to run with green energy and be more sustainable. Innovation is welcome in the field to make the change in the industry and infrastructure. 

Cars that run with electricity can help with this goal. Seeing more electric cars normalizes the thought of getting one. Also if the usage and market on them go up, it would mean a change in the infrastructure because the need for electric car charging would increase. Thanks to Tesla for example electric cars are more affordable and powerful. 


Reduce Inequalities; Reduce inequality within and among countries 

The inequality between developing countries and rich countries is a big gap that has not been proven too much since 2000. It’s time to make a change on it and aim to be on the same line. 

Fair trademarks and promotion can help to reduce inequality. Because it ensures that companies do not take advantage of one another. 


The first ten goals of the 17 goals on sustainable development goals focus on many different areas. Mostly they are included in what organizations and countries can focus on and take further. Every goal is important and there are different ways companies and countries have approached the goal and taken action. 










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