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The Digital Marketing I Know

Kirjoittanut: Xiaoqing Yang-Pyydysmäki - tiimistä FLIP Solutions.

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In my understanding, digital marketing is a comprehensive marketing activity that is conducted on the Internet as the main platform to achieve certain marketing purposes. On the one hand, it uses the Internet as a marketing medium, it is a part of marketing.

Today is the digital age, and it is entirely consumer lead marketing. Consumers have a wide range of choices, and there are always better products and experiences on the market. At the same time, they can also post comments on digital media to influence other consumers. The reputation of the influencers also represents the brand. Consumers will leave if their problems with the products cannot be resolved in time.

Social media channels have become a very important part of digital marketing. It is worth learning and paying attention to the different platforms while we want to market our products.


According to the statistic that the top two age groups of Facebook’s advertising audience are the people between 25-34 (32%), and 18-24 (24%). (27 Facebook Demographics to Inform Your Strategy in 2021, 2021). It is undeniable that there are huge among of people active here, and Facebook is still one of the most influential social networks in marketing.


“Young adults love Instagram” (10 Instagram statistics, 2021). 71% of Instagram users worldwide are under 35, and 71% of US companies use Instagram. More and more data prove that Instagram is a must-have marketing tool for business. Nowadays, people are requiring more and more visual perceptions. Short and clear text plus strong visual impact will attract more followers.


Similar to Instagram, Tiktok users are mostly under 30, and “ranks as the second-biggest app in consumer spend” (23 Important TikTok Stats, 2021). Tiktok is popular all over the world. It’s a competitive field for marketers targeting to young people.


Youtube is the platform for people to share valuable videos. It allows marketers to present their brands and meaningful content to attract followers. Also allows influencers to share knowledge or their live videos. The influencers have often been running the channel for years, they have the trustworthy of followers while they promote certain products.


It’s a space for people to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and build a professional person or company image. Many people have LinkedIn pages for business or personal use. According to a Content Marketing Institute study, over 90% of B2B marketers have LinkedIn as an important way to generate leads. HubSpot reports that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than both Facebook and Twitter (LinkedIn for B2B Marketing: Does it Work? 2021). It is effective for marketing as long as people know how to use its full potential.


SEO – search engine optimization in digital marketing. The key is to make the website easily understood and received by the search engine with constantly-updated algorithms. It contains an optimized combination of many aspects as large as the website name, as small as the image name, and every content that appears on the website. It can help customers to locate their searching accurately, same time bringing traffics to businesses with a low budget.

Content Creation

So far as I learn that content creation is more about being consistent with brand values, and content ideas. The text needs to be precise and concise, and the image needs to be more attractive. As mentioned earlier, people are more expecting the visual impact. Hence, in many cases, images and videos are easier to impress customers with content.

Although there are lots of options in digital marketing, some big influencers suggested that don’t take too much but only focus on one to two platforms, always focus on what you’re good at as that’s what you’ll enjoy and continuously work on.

In the paja week, there was a discussion about future digital marketing. We believe that by the habits of the older generation gradually disappearing, paper media will become history in the near future, and digital marketing will be the mainstream marketing channel for a long time. It will be divided in more detail. With the development of technology, businesses will have more options while customers’ privacy gets better protection.



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  • Ella Muja

    This was a fun essay to read! I liked the stats and info about each digital marketing platform. I think it would have been neat to hear some more of your own thoughts and experiences <3

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