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Sociocultural awareness?

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Here is a small post about content creation for Proakatemia’s Instagram page.

The post:

Although it is important to talk about environmental sustainability, it really goes well beyond that. Two aspects that are underestimated are social and cultural.

What are these are what is the difference?

Social sustainability is related to our wellbeing and focuses on what we need from the workplace or place where we live to be successful.

While cultural sustainability has to do with heritage, maintaining cultural beliefs and values.

A business that recognizes these values understand their impacts on people and society. By utilizing the triple bottom line, we can positively engage in different aspects of sustainability. That’s something that we want to promote at Proakatemia and cannot picture future of entrepreneurship without it.


Some notes on the topic:

According to the UN’s definition, social sustainability is about identifying and managing business impact. Here the biggest role pays stakeholders and not only the shareholder. Lack of social development causes for example inequality and poverty which will harm the business operations as the environment won’t provide enough opportunities to grow.

Further, social sustainability issues include human rights, fair labour practices, living conditions, health, safety, wellness, diversity, equity, work-life balance, empowerment, community engagement, philanthropy, volunteerism, and more.

One could argue that many of these should be guaranteed by the governments, but businesses have possibilities to contribute positively to change and should do it.

Culture has been always under the social pillar among three main elements of sustainable development, until recently. It affects who we are, and no development can be done without including our culture. It’s considered a precondition of sustainable development. In different words, it’s part of our identity and cannot be neglected. Cultural sustainability in terms of development relates to preserving heritage, cultural beliefs, practices, and knowledge.

Despite the huge effect on social, economic, and political planning it has failed to be incorporated into policies on a grand scale. Nevertheless, on the small-scale, companies can and should create a safe environment for their workers to not only preserve but also champion their cultural diversity. Businesses are dealing with a great variety of problems that cannot be solved always in the same way. Having a multicultural team gives in the long-term an advantage to the company. It helps to look at the problems and situations from different perspectives as well as come up with better solutions.

In a nowadays globalized world, there is no room for linear thinking and any company that wants to last, needs to embrace these two elements of sustainability along with the environmental and financial.


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  • Luiza de Oliveira Vago

    I really like and agree with this essay, even though, I believe there is a factor that is extremely important and is not included in there. Since you are talking about heritage, culture, and social sustainability, the racial factor must always be mentioned. Social factors mentioned are related, many times, with race and also gender. There are some researches saying that black women have to work much harder than a regular white man to get a similar payment. The racial factor makes it all unsustainable and that is why we should never leave it out of so important conversations such as this one.
    “A business that recognizes these values understand their impacts on people and society”, without the perspective I am bringing, a business will never be sustainable in itself, since they can also be the ones preferring white men and women over black ones. Once they use this veiled preference, they are excluding black people from the working world and therefore, contributing to the maintenance of the unsustainable system.

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