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Small victories

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The world is full of small victories and loses. Every day there is a reason to celebrate a victory, whether it’s getting up in the morning or scoring a good job position. The point is to notice those little wins and get a nice little energy boost out of them. Well-being is the hot topic right now and yet people still tend to think about all the negative things around them. Noticing the small wins might help your well-being and give you a lot more self-esteem.


So, you have to notice the small wins. These things are something that that you do successfully but were not sure you could actually do it. (Great performers, 2018) A small win is different from person to person. Some people might think that you did nothing when you feel like you’ve just battled through the world war of the dishes. Either way you will have to learn to recognize the wins during the day.


It is okay to get excited when you notice your small wins. If you think about children and their enthusiasm, where do you think it comes from? It’s from the small things in life. This keeps the kids happy and enthusiastic about life (Great performers, 2018). Remember to communicate with your friends when you make a small victory. You can celebrate it with your friend too and might gain some motivation to do that again. At the same time your friend might get some motivation out of that too and start making those victories as well.


One other thing when you’re making small victories is to remember to reward yourself. It’s completely fine to eat some chocolate or whatever after a small win. It just increases your motivation to get rewarded again. In the article it says that you should not pile pressure upon yourself by picking deadlines for these small victories. Just relax the deadlines. Don’t take any pressure and you’re set.



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