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performance at the 24h challenge

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24h challenge

The 24h challenge is usually the last push for studies. It literally means an innovation challenge and the team has 24hours to execute the task given. The different teams get different challenges by real companies. The innovations are graded and the team gets prize money based on the grade they get. This year the teams that got to the stage were lovely Saawa, Samoa, Kipinä, Motive and our Flip.

The challenge

Like said each team got their own challenge and this time the companies were Purso, Visit Tampere, Nyqs, Farmastic, Tampereen messut, Tredu. We got the challenge from Visit Tampere. It was good start because most of the team was familiar with the company previously. Our challenge was improve the Tampere.Finland application. There were some clear things that needed improvement but we wanted to be innovative as well. We knew right away that we needed to do a google forms as fast as possible.

Our team

We worked wih our familiar Flip Solutins team to take on the challenge. We had once trained for this challenge at the Raina innovation so we knew our roles for the upcoming 24hours. My main task was to make the pitch presentation and the pitch it self with my team mate Saana. Saana was also contacting the customer, Ella and Emilia did the report, Jemina was leading, Kamil was working on communicating with the customer and innovating, Esme and Omar were working on the mock ups. Sandy was innovating and making the Google Forms.


Our solution

Because of the sensible topic the details of the solution will not be added.

Right a way when we got to work we started with question hour. We spent that hour asking the expectation, crystallising the task and seeing our possibilities. After the question hour we started to work on a Google forms to figure out what the customers want. We got surprisingly many answers to the forms 275 in fact. Based on the answers in the forms we added and removed functions from the app. We made mock ups and a report so the customer had very clear information of our reseach and solutions. We added some marketing plan, short and long term plans and mock ups of the each page of the app we wanted to improve.



When thinking back to the challenge it was wery good that we trained before hand. Everybody knew what they needed to start doing and there were soemthings from the previous pitching challenge that needed improvement. For me personally I got very good feedback from the pitch so it was very beneficial when we started to think of the pitch with Saana. I would have started doing the pitch presentation but I used some time to the innovation of the product. In the end theschelude got very tight with the presentation so it would have been more stress free if we would have started earlier.

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