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My first 3 weeks in Proakatemia

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My last weeks have been a rollercoaster since l started to study Proakatemia.  Everything is so new and l kinda love the feeling of being completely lost and learning new things every day about Proakatemia.  


It has been a long time since l last studied so l was really concerned about how the starting of studies will go and if will it be really difficult for me, but learned fast that this is not an ordinary school and fell in love instantly with the different learning and teaching methods.  


The thing l am a bit concerned about is how to understand everything that “teachers” are teaching us. In some situations, the conversation goes so deep that even the teacher doesn’t know how to put it in words in English so it’s really hard to understand sometimes since the teachers aren’t speaking English fluently or their mother’s language. Sometimes l feel that l would learn a lot more on the Finnish side where you can come up with your thoughts a lot faster and everyone understands them better, but time will tell! Of course, my English will improve a lot on this journey and my understanding will get better. 


Now ongoing courses, like money and business and team learning are really interesting and the teaching method is really great. It doesn’t feel like I’m sitting in a class almost falling asleep every 5 minutes listening to teachers’ long and boring dialog. Now l can really participate in the conversation with other classmates. I’ve learned how much really can other people bring new ideas and things to the table and explain something you maybe don’t quite understand in their own understandable ways.  


The team’s spirit is amazing and although it’s only been a short period of time l really feel like I’m part of something, not just part of my own class but part of Proakatemia.  


“It’s a sad fact that while most of us spend a sizeable part of our lives communicating with others — in face-to-face conversations, over the phone, in committee meetings, via e-mail and social networks — we seem more separate and disconnected than ever.” (London. S.)


London, Scott. The power of dialogue. Read on 5.5.2022


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