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Making Proakatemia/TAMK International

Kirjoittanut: Luiza de Oliveira Vago - tiimistä FLIP Solutions.

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In this podcast episode for Wings of Academy, the guest Renata Brito who works for TAMK Global Education will talk about the importance of making Proakatemia international and how her work is connected to it.


TAMK Global Education already brought many guests from all over the world to Proakatemia in their Teacher Education Programme, where they learn the skills of the future, all about coaching, and the different learning methods we have in our community. The discussion goes on and many questions are raised, such as: Why is it beneficial to work with international groups? And what makes the learn by doing method so different from the normal school system in the host and guest’s home country, Brazil?

For the first question, diverse cultures working together end up in the diversity of ideas, behaviors, and shared knowledge. It increases different perspectives around the same topics and actually, different researches show that multicultural organizations are more productive and even happier. Also, sharing Proakatemia space in the sense that international people also have the chance to experience the school, makes the entire environment richer in all possible ways.

For the second one, the innovative methodology that makes the student the center of learning, in which practical skills used in the real world are valued such as teamwork experience and dialogue, are definitely factors that make Proakatemia stand out. It is also good to remember here that influential Brazilian educators were also talking about the student’s autonomy for many years, such as Paulo Freire.

When it comes to the Brazilian methods of teaching the situation is quite the opposite situation as in Proakatemia. Students and professors do not have the necessary autonomy to learn the practicalities of working life, so there is a lot of content with no development of the necessary skills for the real world. No wonder over 100 Brazilians have already come to Proakatemia with the Teacher Education Programme, as well as people from China, Egypt, and the USA.

Some of the professors after going back to their home countries start to implement similar learning methods to Proakatemia’s approach, and the guest gives some interesting examples about that. The importance of the International Relations Team and of Flip Solutions as the first multicultural team is also discussed.



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