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M. Francisca Casanga’s Blog: Entrepreneurship in Chile

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Lean Startup
Eric Ries
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Entrepreneurship in Chile

Blog by M. Francisca Casanga, Universidad Diego Portales/FEE, Chile

Have you ever set as a goal in your life to be an entrepreneur? Either out of necessity or simply wanting to do it. I will give you a piece of information that may interest or perhaps influence you in choosing the country in which to be an entrepreneur. Chile is considered the sixth best country in the world to carry out social entrepreneurship. In addition, there are several competitive funds in the country to which you can apply. For example, BRAIN Chile offers as a prize the total amount of 75M euros to the 10 best projects, while Capital Semilla offers a total 5M euros from the Technical Cooperation Service, the same amount offered by the Capital Abeja fund, also from the Service of Technical Cooperation.

But what does “undertake” mean? If we look a little, we can find in the following definition: “start or carry out a work, activity or business. It is a project that develops progressively and implies constant growth and innovation by the entrepreneur, earns with effort and faces adversities with determination”. (Rankia, 2018)
In Chile the possibilities are endless. Our country offers a wide variety of opportunities in which it can be undertaken. Just to name a few, I think they will be more than enough.
1. Tourism ventures: Chile has great tourism potential. The large number of landscapes and diversity in its flora and fauna, make our country a must for many travelers, especially for those who like adventure sports. Since 2010, tourism has become an important pillar for the Gross Domestic Product of our country, reaching a projected contribution of 6% in the Gross Domestic Product of our country. It is for this reason that possibilities abound, whether in hotels and / or inns, souvenir shops, etc. It is undoubtedly one of the most profitable types of entrepreneurship in our country.
2. Gastronomic Entrepreneurships: Since society and customs are changing, many people prefer to eat outside the home, either because it is more practical or because they lack time to prepare a plate of food. It is for this reason that demand only grows over time.
3. Technological ventures: This type of entrepreneurship is one of the highest boom in the region. This is where the creation and start-up of products and services stand out, whose specific objective is the sustainable use of technology for the benefit of people and the environment.
In all types of entrepreneurship it is necessary to take into account a variable that is often not recognized. We are living in a time of hyperconnection, where time is gold and we are accustomed to immediacy in every area of our life. Constant innovation is the key to success in entrepreneurship, since being constantly looking for a way to differentiate yourself from the competition and, at the same time, continuously looking for a way to deliver added value to the product is a necessity if you are looking for loyalty to a target customer.
A way to understood this by the book of Eric Rides, “The Lean StarUp Method”, was you can see clearly one of the bases of the method is the innovation. The future is unpredictable, consumers have a growing range of alternatives and the pace of change is constantly accelerating.
In conclusion, Chile has many advantages to offer a novice entrepreneur, it has a vast market and wide possibilities. The key question is whether everyone would dare to undertake and innovate in our country.

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