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Ashanthi Thathsarani


Business Administration

Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership

November 2022








Leadership refers to the trait of guiding people. It is one of the most imperative facets of life. In particular, proper leadership has led to the development of human society. Without excellent leadership, commerce cannot accomplish anything. Moreover, not everyone has this feature. This is because efficient leadership calls for specific central characteristics. Leadership is an exceptional feature that a select few have. If you have this quality, then you can consider yourself fortunate.
In order to develop your line of business in the right track and to motivate people around you, it is essential to progress the quality of headship. Nevertheless, it is significant to recognize different types of leadership techniques before moving ahead and improving your proficiency.


Qualities of a Good Leader

To start with, self-confidence is the key quality. A leader must have strong confidence. A person deficient in confidence can never be a fine leader. An individual must be self-assured enough to make sure others trail him. The leader must have assurance in their conclusions and actions. If he is uncertain, then people will not have the aspiration to follow them. A good leader must without doubt encourage others. A leader must be an exemplar for their followers. Additionally, he must inspire them at any time possible. Also, in hard circumstances, a leader must not lose optimism. How can a leader motivate people if they themselves are bleak? Sincerity is an added important quality of a leader. Honesty and honor are vital to get the affection of followers. Above all, truthfulness is indispensable to win the faith of the people. Every leadership who drops trust is bound to be unsuccessful. People will not exert with endeavor due to a morally wrong boss. Excellent communication is a necessity for a first-rate leader. This is because poor communication means incorrect message to group. In addition, good communication will augment productivity. Also, the probability of blunders will lessen.

Forms of leadership techniques

  1. Autonomous Leadership

Your subordinates are element of the decision making procedure in this type of leadership. Such leadership centers on the input of subordinates. Though, the eventual responsibility of their choices and actions lies with the leader. It is regarded as one of the most favored management styles.

  1. Transformational leadership

This sort of leadership is about powering performance by perfecting oneself, group members, organization as well as other features. Transformational managers motivate others by setting lofty objectives and encouraging them to amplify productivity.

  1. Team leadership

A team leader engages the total team in their venture. The leader stimulates their team to work and at the same time toil to accomplish the set goals and expand professional data.

  1. Tactical leadership

This brand of leadership technique consists of a leader who is essentially the chief of a company but does not share the vision of top administration. The leader is engaged with the total team at all stages, acting as a conduit to bridge the space between the need for fresh potentials and pragmatism.

  1. Authoritative leadership

This form of leadership’s core is the manager. Here, the leader conserves all power. They can decide wholly at their discretion with no discussing with their team. They communicate with their team and anticipate instantaneous implementation from them. They single-handedly are answerable for their decisions. There is no relaxation of any sort in this system. Such management is time and again hopeless.

  1. Futurist leadership

This sort of leader identifies the aptitudes and requirements of team members. They make combined efforts to accomplish the preferred outcome by creating a visualization of victory.

  1. Training leadership

A coaching manager frequently guides and runs the members of the team to boost performance. They rouse team members and push them to work harder. This manner of leadership is very much respected.

  1. Convenient leadership

If the team is doing not as much work then a facilitated leader assists team members to manage their work progression proficiently by giving directions from time to time. If there is a high performance team, the head may also take up a lighter effort.

  1. Multi-cultural leadership

This kind of leadership takes place when dealing with people from diverse cultural conditions. Many leaders working in different institutes in Europe are cross-cultural since people from different ethnicities are working there.

  1. Laissez faire leadership

In this sort of leadership, team members are given more power. All the members of the team are permitted to work and there is no intrusion from the manager. It is not considered a successful leadership approach.

  1. Transactional Leadership

This kind of leadership course occupies transactional work. Under this method, team members are credited and compensated for properly putting into action the leader’s views and decisions.

  1. Captivating leadership

In this kind of style, the leader takes the time to alter the trust values and performance of followers in order to get staff to do better.


Real-Life Examples of Good Leadership

Mahatma Gandhi was an outstanding example of a good leader. He was a staunch advocate in non-violence. With his inspiring leadership skills, he made the British depart India. This was the most exceptional independence resistance. This is because Gandhi got sovereignty without any violence.

Abraham Lincoln was another famous leader. Most remarkable, he ended the slavery organization in the United States. Therefore, he made countless enemies. However, he was a gentleman of immense self-confidence. His struggle against slavery unquestionably became a motivation.

Sir Winston Churchill was a great nationalistic Englishman. Most important, he guided Britain in the 2nd World War. Additionally, he was tremendously inspirational. He motivated Britain to clash against Nazi Germany. His grand communication style inspired the whole nation at a time of despair.
To bring to a close, leadership is involved in most likely every sphere of existence. Good leadership is the door to triumph. In distinction, terrible leadership is an assurance of collapse. As a result, good leaders are what make the world function.





If you feel that the quality of leadership cannot be divided into more categories, then the information given here can help to break this myth. With this, you can recognize the qualities of leadership and unique leadership style within you and master them.






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