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Lapassion in 600 words

How was is to work in multicultural and multidiscipline team? Well, in my experience, it wasn’t easy. On the other hand, it was a unique experience that did teach me a lot. In which situation in your life you need to work in a team that will be chosen for you by someone who have no idea of what is the main goal for your team? And  you are working in a team where you have no common language and lack of understanding of how to work in a team. That is what it was. At the same time, I loved it, and I hated it. Every single day for 10 weeks.

No goal, no expectations, no results

When we started on 2th of May, we had no idea what is going to happen during our ten weeks project. We started working right away even though we didn’t really know what we were supposed to do. We most definitely stand out from our comfort zone and stayed there for ten weeks. At least I did.

I know that these days working life will be multidiscipline. For me this kind of a multicultural working environment will be the place to work. There will also be counterparts and cooperation’s where the goal and expectations are not clear in the beginning. Customers do not always know what they need. So, the innovation process that we followed is a great methodology to be learnt:

Working without any kind of goal made not sense in my world. We didn’t know if we need to create a service or product. Or maybe it needed to be just an idea?

And what did I get out of my ten weeks experience?

“Uncomfortzone” is the place where person will learn A LOT about himself. We can always tell what our strengths are but only being out of comfort zone we can see our actual limits. That gives us way more strengths that we can even imagine. For example: At my home university and personal life I have been the one with no organizing skills. I have been the spontaneous person whose worst weakness is timing. Suddenly I am pushed to be a team coordinator of seven persons team. I remember how excited I was. I was motivated to succeed with my team that was full of potential and DIFFERENT persons with their strengths. When we first started, none of them (my teammates) understood me. None of them understood each other. None of us understood our challenge. And most of the feedback that I got from my team was; I am so organized. I am always organizing the team so good…

Strengths of multidiscipline team

In our team we had super talented students. We had couple of innovators, couple of great designers and couple of engineers. My role in a team was to be a team coordinator, but I still don’t have the full understanding of the technology that we used on our prototype. I had no need to understand everything about it. I needed to know that our prototype will work, and which technology is the best for that and why.  I trusted our engineers to make the technological part happen and they made it. Neither I didn’t need to know how we are going to do the modelling and 3D printing… We had talented designers to do that. When we had troubles with the next steps the team was counting on me to make the best decisions.

There were times when the project felt ridiculously hard. I still never felt I would have been alone. We talked and supported each other’s not only inside our team but with the people from other Lapassion teams. That was the heart of the project: without support we are very alone. And alone we can reach only few of the things that we can reach together.

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