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International Women Entrepreneurs in Finland

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Around 1/3 of Finnish entrepreneurs are women (Härkin, N. 2018). This is quite a good percentage on an international comparison and there are quite a few significant factors behind it. Women in Finland tend to be highly educated, they have a lot of work experience and broad networks. Us women also stand an independent position in the society. Since all is well, is there any reason to work harder to have more women entrepreneurs? Yes there is, and here are some important points behind it by Natalia Härkin, the CEO of Suomen Yrittäjänaiset, a union for female entrepreneurs in Finland.

  1. Approximately half of our population is women, but only around 30% of entrepreneurs are women. It is important to encourage women more towards entrepreneurship as the level of education in women has increased as well as the attitudes and activity towards entrepreneurship in general. It is viable to have these highly educated, capable and talented women to build up their own companies, run and lead them as well as show a positive example to the younger generations.


  1. About 64% of our entrepreneurs are monoentrepreneurs and it is more common for women to become monoentrepreneurs than men. This arises difficulties such as scaling and developing the business. It is also more typical for women entrepreneurs to not grow, employ or become international than for men. If we want to change this situation, there needs to be strengthened understanding of how to grow the risk appetite in women as well as woman leadership. There should also be more tools for the process of growing a business and going international based on the needs women are struggling with this moment.


  1. A big challenge towards a woman having a business is family life. These troubles lie deep in our society and are the challenges of taxing and social, such as parental benefits. The equality between parental leaves for example hasn’t quite reached equality for neither women or men.


  1. There is still very few organizations who would further the situation and outlook of women entrepreneurs in Finland in an overall manner. The more backup, encouragement and help at hand women gain in the field, the better survival rate their businesses hold.


So, what does it take for a woman to become an entrepreneur? In this podcast episode we have Natalia Gromova (CEO at Tampere Expertise Development Center) and Thanida Dharmajiva (Founder at Finclass) to share their expertise and inspiration to any women young or old wondering if and why they should start their own business! Listen here: https://anchor.fm/wingsofacademy/episodes/International-Women-Working-in-Finland–part-2-e1056tc


Härkin, N. 2018. Naisyrittäjyydestä ja sen visiointia. Yrittäjänaiset. Luettu 10.5.2021. https://www.yrittajanaiset.fi/naisyrittajyydesta-ja-sen-visiointia/

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