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Humans rise or fall with automation and AI?

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We all live interesting times, because the world is changing all the time. We know where the world is going, but we  don´t excatly know the impacts yet. The most popular jobs like, teachers, cleaners, polices and nurses can be replaced by automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We don´t know if this will happen or not. All that depends of political decisions and our everyday choises. We are in control of automation and AI, so we can choose the future of it. We humans are able to control robots, but robots can´t control us.

This continuous development will reduce jobs, but also increases them more, it depends how much AI and automation we will use in the future. If automation and AI increases, the future studies will focus on these kind of industries. The automation and AI needs very high educated people to work with. In this case, there will be more jobs. If the automation and AI will only replace the basic jobs, that increases unemployment. On the other hand, robots can´t pay taxes and it could make the countries economies worse.

In my opinion, we should keep humans in charge of basic jobs, because all of us need to have a human contact. We can´t feel the same if our workmates are robots. I could not trust my doctor if it works by automation. Too much automation and AI could also cause accidents or disasters if something goes wrong. There can also be a lots of misunderstandings. In my opinion, this is the biggest problem with automation and AI. Robots are all the same and we need different kind of personalities to work with. Everybody has their own opinions about automation and AI, so its hard to know how many people would trust on AI. Our country still has hundreds of thousands elder people who don´t even know what is automation and AI, many of them for example, don´t know how to use their cellphones. How could they trust and use the more advanced technology. Is so hard to know where the world is going in this century, but we will see the direction of it hopefully in next twenty years.

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