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How to start a creative business: a glossary for creative entrepreneurs

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How to start a creative business: a glossary for creative entrepreneurs
Doug Richard
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“How to start a creative business: a glossary for creative entrepreneurs” is a glossary written by Doug Richard, a successful American Entrepreneur who believe that entrepreneurs are made and not born. This glossary contains not less than 132 English words, all business related, and can be found very useful for anyone who aspire to rise in the business field.

The glossary is based in Doug’s original School for Startups, founded in 2008. Nearly 20,000 people have learned the basics and most important parts of business needed to succeed in their own enterprise.

From “Appreciation” to “Vesting” passing by “Prospectus”, This book in a chance to improve your vocabulary, especially for the ones whose English is not their mother tong. Some of the words might as well give you new ideas or help you develop your ideas, with for example “Bootstrap”, “Freemium”, “Intellectual Property” or “USP”.

I can only recommend this book, particularly to my Finnish and French fellows, this glossary can be a huge boost for those who has been mainly working in their mother tong (Finnish, French, Spanish etc..) and strive to improve their business English to work in international environments.

The book can be found for free on Kindle Amazon, it also goes alongside “How to start a creative business” written by the same author who will then use this vocabulary and go deeper in the startup process

Written by Tao Daniel.



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