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How to improve yourself in business

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Buy me
Adam Riccoboni
Daniel Callahan
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I chose book named “Buy Me” (Adam Riccoboni, Daniel Callahan, 2011, Michael O´Mara). This essey deals with selling yourself in business. This book gives for you a great tools to be more confidence, presentation yourself better and be better on communicating. You get also good skills to exceed expectations in your promises, whatever it is like customer service, product, content of your event etc. There was also one chapter about leadership, how to lead an individual, and what is to be a teamleader. There was also really interesting case about Jack Welch`s transformational leadership.


Self-belief and confidence

Before you can sell yourself, people have to believe in you. And before people believes you, you have to believe in yourself. As Former US President Lyndon B Johnson did say “You`ve got to believe in what you are selling. What convinces is conviction. You simply have to believe in the argument you are advancing. If you don’t, you’re as good as dead. The other person will sense that something is not there.

Riccoboni and Callaghan underline to set your target. It is important to know, where you want to go. If you don’t know the destination, it is impossible to be confidence.

To be more confidence in other people eyes, you have to own good body language. Research has shown, that 90 percent of all human communication is based on non-verbal cues (Mehrabian 1968).

Here is good list to remember, when you meet new people:

  • Make eye contact
  • Smile warmly
  • Stay calm under pressure
  • Be empathy
  • Listen carefully


This book gave me a lot of things, how i can improve self-believe and confidence. That is the biggest problem of me. I have business event called Sport & Business Seminar with my schoolmates and we have to do a lot of selling in that project. Selling is something, what I scare a lot. The hardest task for me is selling in phone ang make cold calls. I get few good tips from book, how I can improve myself in selling.


Better deliver more than promise

Have you ever heard promises like, it is “3 times faster or better than other products on market”. Yes, me too. Sometimes promises are clearly true, but mostly aren’t. Lying is not ever good marketing for your brand. British politician Michael Howard did say it great: “Promise less, deliver more”. If you can’t keep your promises, your partners and customers lose their faith and they stop to make business with you or stop using your products.

In our event this topic is one of our value. It’s very important to give more for our customers, than what they expects. Last year our staff did fix jackets while event was running.



“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others” – Jack Welch

It is wisely said. But of course leadership is much more than only “grow others”. Riccoboni and Callahan did mention that there is few important topics, what helps to motivate other people.

First you have to develope shared leadership vision that is motivating, Realistic, Flexible, Communicated, Shared.

You can’t never learn too much about leadership. There was nothing too new about leadership but it’s always important to repeat things before you learn it rightly.



How to lead people:

  • Lead by example – Good sports team captains are great example about that. They inspires other players by doing, saying and leading. They put always 100 per cent for the team and it make others to do that same.


  • Empower others – Give ownership for the people and trust them. When people can effect their own work, results are impressive.


  • Give feedback – If you see someone from a team does something great, reward it and encourage to do it again. It is always achieving to get good feedback from work. It is also important give a possibility to fail. It is the best way to learn and you can give constructive feedback in these points.


  • Understand people – In team there is just that many personalities than there is people. Also every people have own Values and leader have to try understand every kind of people.


You can’t never learn too much about leadership. There was nothing too new about leadership for me, but it’s always important to repeat things before you learn it rightly. A lot of us knows in theory, what is the best way to lead people, but actually it’s quite hard to bring it on use. In our event we want to give possibility for our staff to work with their strengths and that way we get the best results from every worker.

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