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how do I lrean what I want?

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the classic life of normal people usually depends on the learning from school, smarter people learn from others and wise people learn from experiences.

Personally, I have tried all of them and it kinda seems logical. However, there’s another thing that can’t be categorized any of those mentioned types of people. In this case, I’m talking about learning different stuff that you never had or seen before in your environment, but it’s something that you’re curious about. This trigger of curiosity can drag anyone not faster but further than anyone else, regardless of the skill, the IQ level, age ,or anything. We can call this type as “curious” sins it’s not important to be smart to be called genius.


I want to say that you do not have to be filled with curiousity to learn in a different way, because you already did. Anyone of us did learn through curiousity, especially while being a child. but here comes a question, if I have this gift of curiosity, how do I really learn? because only the passion isn’t enough, but also you have to be armed with some knowledge to deal with it.


First of all, I prefer to be surrounded about the subject and the terms around. in other words, get oriented about the topic and then evaluate either you can learn it quicker or slower. this evaluation comes in the 2nd place of course sins you have to be honest with you self to be on the track and make reasonable expectations, Because not anything is easy to learn but everything will be easy if you are consistent enough.

Well, to be oriented about anything there two ways, either you look for resources and read or watch content, or you practice your field and have interactions with your matter. Also, if there’s anyway to go for both of them I highly recommend to do that.


Next step is abit tricky, sins it’s a personal preference. this includes experience of the topic you are trying to comprehend. and each field has it’s own way to practice and learn about it.


A personal example is when I was trying to learn photoshop. In the beginning the curiosity started when I sow a poster on Facebook in 2012 and I started to wonder about how to make stuff like that, and that’s how I found out that the tools used for it is Photoshop. I wanted to learn that at the time but no ine had any idea about it from the place I grow up, back then we were only getting into internet coffees to get the internet. After that I decided to edit some online pictures like adding faces to a man wearing suit or moon in the day or anything my imagination tells me.



Abdaal. A. 2021. Link: https://m.youtube.com › watch

How to Learn Anything FASTER – YouTube



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