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On 13th April 2022, Hekumu had the chance to have the sales stand in TAMK event about “Returning to campus and national students’ mental health day event”. Hekumu had decided to participate in in this event not only because we could do the sales or marketing activities, could have the opportunity to meet other students to feel that we are also belong to TAMK community, but also it has been inspiring to learn about the concept and the meaning of the event: helping students return to school and enjoy academic life in the best mental condition.

The presence of Hekumu fruit tea products in the event has made a good fit to the event’s concept as well because Hekumu also is sending out the messages to Hekumu brand’s fans that: we would like you to “savour the delightful moments” together with Hekumu tea, be yourselves and enjoy the best your lives.

Coming to the event, we have prepared not only the products, flyers, price tags, but also some samples for the student visitors to smell. We recognized that the tastes of everyone are so unique. Some people said wow to smell the warm scent of Hehkuva Iltatuuli, while the others fell in love with the attractive coconut smell of Tropiikin kesä products. Hekumu felt proud of the products and so much happy when hearing to positive feedbacks directly from the visitors.

Besides under the support of our new intern June, it was easier to communicate with everyone in Finnish. There we did not only try to close the deal or convince people to buy our products, but also tried to communicate more with our potentials and to introduce the best benefits of Hekumu products. We had quite many visits for asking more about the products, smelling the sample, buying some packs to try for the first time, or even just taking some Easter egg candies from our table,…

It seems that everyone there has been really in the happy mood of the spring and of returning to the school. Hekumu team could feel the positivity and excitements from the passing visitors. Even though the event lasted only several hours, we appreciate that chance to be there to introduce about our unique products and also everything happened so great making a long-lasting memory for Hekumu team. Feeling amazing with Tamk event and wishing to have more similar events coming!

Event’s update on Hekumu’s instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CcScztsNa0W/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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