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Guidelines for the essays

Proakatemias essay policy since September 2021

The essay practices of the Proakatemia have been reformed to better meet the needs of the study program in a renewable and hectic environment. In the future, the emphasis will rely more on creativity, modern content production methods, analytics, reflection and continuos learning in the production of essays. Points are accrued to HOPS based on what has been produced, how high quality the outputs are, and what content production methods or publishing channels have been taken over.

These guidelines are “only” indicative in the sense that the situation-specific guidelines are provided by the coaches according to the needs of their team.

Essay categories and -points

The old “blog and individual essays” are history. In the following, the essays are divided as follows:

From essays:

  • about 50% of the essay points consist of reflective outputs that give 1-2 essay points.
  • about 50% of the essay points consist of academic essays, each receiving 3 essay points (if the essays are worth it).

According to curriculum:

  • students in the degree program in Entrepreneurship and Team Leadership will complete at least 100 essay points,
  • computer application students 75 essay points,
  • students in service production and management 75 essay points,
  • students in physiotherapy and sociology 45 essay points
  • IB team (one semester team) 15 points.
Instructions for registration and publication

Publish each essay in the Proakatemia Essay Bank. Mark the beginning of the essay with information on which level of essay it is. All essays you write are public, at least at the Proakatemia level. Encryption requires that you negotiate and agree with your coach in advance. A qualitatively poor essay is not a reason for encryption. An essay published in secret without an agreement with the coach is not an accepted way of doing things and does not entitle you to hoping for essay points. In Proakatemia you must be able to communicate openly about your own learns and mistakes 

Also post the essays to your HOPS on the Essay Points tab.


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