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The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life.
Robin Sharma
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By Carlos Gomez

Habits that lead towards achieving a purpose. Improving the average lifestyle on how to feel successful and some basic tools that seek the efficiency of activities of the overall human beings. This and more, detailed in a narrative tale exposed by Robin Sharma and his book 5AM Club. Which enhance with such techniques the life of a not so organised member of Avanteam due to his Latin background and forever battle to be a morning person even when trying different approaches most of the times not validated by science, while reading Robin Sharma’s piece of work looking forward to applying the characteristic and non-common propositions of the author. The book presents the reader a well detailed timeline where 2 characters join a journey of self-development after a major conference. Followed by some small talk, which will open the full potential on their morning lives and habits.

The following formulas where the main learnings towards becoming a morning person, reflecting as a student following a bigger goal, mentioning a reasonable logic sequence convinced the reader chapter by chapter.

The three-step success formula

Consisting on:
1. Better Awareness

2. Better Choices

3. Better Results

Robin Sharma show us the simplified and contracted version of how success looks like.

The great teachers in the world question everything to the last piece of little details and how that helps them to grow and to learn about oneself. Comes down to the why of everything. Why do I do this, in order to get what? The best in the world do not follow a superficial philosophy but a granular one instead meaning that they follow a deeper meaning in any activity instead of finding a reason that is within social status or just easy to follow, this way accomplishing tasks the hard way. They take the long path and focus on running a marathon. Taking into account how the way they do things and the level of greatness of their work reflects directly to how much respect they have for themselves. Having better awareness will enhance self-development learnings therefore growing on an individual level, that will trigger better choices towards becoming a more educated individual including the execution of activities and implementation of new learnings that will unchain new ambitions and when these new goals are reached then it will build up in better results, reflected monetarily and with a bigger impact. All of them are intertwined. As shown above.

The 20/20/20 Formula deconstruction

The book states the following formula in which a proper achieving of such frameworks by the given timeframe will show certain key benefits. It explains the what, the why and what this formula fulfilment causes when accomplished. Moreover, the division of these three pockets is presented, each one with twenty minutes forming what the author calls the “Victory Hour”.

First step is to MOVE, exercising to the point of real sweating will target the body to lower the levels of cortisol enhancing a better performance overall through the entire day. It is as stated in the book no ’negotiable’. Followed by a reflection time this focusing on creating a moment of pure calm, being still in the present. Reflecting is one of the main sources of transformation because once you have identified the problematics within yourself, the way you really feel about specific situations you can start to deal with your feelings. This by exposing such negatives and not so pretty thoughts haunting your mind, in a journal with the mere purpose of visualising them, feel them and work on them. 10 to 20 min are required to have a better understanding of them and kickstart them. (Sharma, 2018)

The last step of the given formula is the self-development and formation of oneself with a vast set of different tools that give a sense of knowledge and impact with a precise view of the set goals of the individual. Explained in more detail in the following graphic visualisation.

Taking into practice these two basic enhancers from this book to master the morning time, involved a major amount of dedication, these were only partially exercised and due to this reason, no complete drastic improvement could be reached. Major challenges were presented on how adapting the above mention enhancers in daily activities or timeframes brings a real problematic at times. Such as balancing work, workout routines, a specific calorie intake, team studies involving the cooperation to do team work better called as project hours and last but not least, the documentation of such better known as essays. Individual goals are not likely to meet the teams’ needs fully but it is worth a shot trying to achieve a common ground. It is not easy, but it is possible with a constant “go get it” attitude, keeping into account a professional perspective at all times and questioning all the situations and obstacles that might be encountered along the way and from this having a full reflection where learnings can be discussed. This framework and techniques work different in each individual, but it is fact that without testing such techniques it is impossible to know if such work the same way in different individual.

Highly recommended book for goal seeking people who are interested in surpassing their own capabilities and surprising themselves with odd tricks. Own your morning, elevate your life!


Sharma, R. (2018). The 5AM Club. Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Harper Collins.

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