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Get the Edge -leadership training

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The Leadership Challenge
Barry Posner
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Leadership is never about you. It is helping others to succeed. This might be most important thing that I learned in my three days at Hill Holt Wood, Lincoln. In a leadership training hosted by Get the Edge.

The three days kept inside a full toolkit to becoming a great leader and what it means. Overall, if you want to be a great leader. You need to be well aware of whom you are working for, who are the people you are working with and what they want to succeed in life.  Biggest method that we learned to use properly was the leadership challenge.

1.     How to model the way

2.     Inspire shared vision

3.     Challenge the process

4.     Enable others to act

5.     Encourage the heart.

For my opinion that is very powerful thing. Because in business as a leader you are not only building the business. The most important thing in that is that you build people. Help them grow and overcome their challenges.

Huge things for me also was recognising my own values. I have done those exercises before, but this was wider exercise and gave me confirmation about my values. Because those were pretty much the same. In that exercise we recognize that people reflect to their values. If you can’t see as a leader their values. It comes more harder to lead them the best way.

We also did a lot of team exercises. Those might seem as a silly games and challenges as first. Still inside those there is huge learnings inside. Like how we work together, do we listen carefully, who is a solo player and who is a team player. Also what are our actions when we face challenges. Does somebody immediately run of to achieve that or do people make strategies first and reflect what is the matter in hand.

Overall it was a fantastic three days. I got meet lot of new people. Got a huge amount of information and confirmation to my needs. Also I had a lot of fun.



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