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I think nature is the invaluable specialty of Finland. Coming from the biggest industrial city of Vietnam, where there is less appearance of nature and the weather is hot over 30 degree for whole year, I have been extremely curious and interested in so much the beauty of nature in Finland, as well as to see how incredible the weather is changed here so fast within 4 seasons. I think every season has its own attraction. If the winter stays frozen always with its white snow color, the spring is decorated by the white color of remaining snow and green color of early buds, the summer has amazing colorful paints of leaves, flowers, sky, etc. then the autumn every year is like an attractive woman in the beautiful dress colored by: red, yellow, green, purple, etc.

In my exploring walk to the jungle yesterday, I got the most favorite picture of the autumn moment. Most of the leaves have been turned to yellow, red or grey color and have fallen to the ground. That made the rotten smell of nature and the surface became more slippery. It was quite dangerous to walk on. I met some people walking in the opposite side of me. They did not look to see the beauty of nature and walked quite fast over me. I wondered why they ignore this romance of autumn. Maybe I am still fresh in Finland, so everything around seems to make me more excited and eager to experience. I do not know if I will change after 5 years to see everything in the normal eyes.

I remember another day when I went walking with my husband through the jungle at night, in the darkness, trees without leaves made the association to the scary images in horror movies. I discovered one tree which all its leaves have fallen, had only one leaf remained on its branch. It reminded me about one famous story, The Last Leaf by written O. Henry, which I have learnt in my high school in Vietnam. I can say that jungle trip brought me interesting experience which I may never have before in Vietnam.

Holding hands of your lovers, walking between two lines of colorful trees, admiring the changing in the cycle of nature is the romantic dream of many girls in my country. Furthermore, I was like a child, let my soul lost in some moment, and let myself discover more beauty that in young age used to dream of, but could not have a chance to reach to. I think Finnish people are so lucky to be able to live amongst the nature like this. Nature brings us the most valuable thing to life. Nature like a great mum who we can share our stress, worry and happiness together, and this mum will be very generous and loving.

In that jungle, I also discovered there were many kinds of mushrooms. I do not have knowledge about these mushrooms. All of them seemed to be eatable. Someday I heard there was one Thai woman died of eating poisonous mushroom, that shook me a bit and made me stop my eager to pick up those. I really want to learn more about mushroom species because they are my favorite food. Who knows maybe later, I can be more master about the nature. I love nature and love Finland where my lover was born. How wonderful our life is!

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