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Environmental awarness

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I listened to a podcast futurist where there was Patric “Pata” Degerman as a visitor. In my opinion, Pata is one of the coolest Finns out there he´s the only Finn that can call themselves a real explorer. Patric has been to 9 different places no one else has been before and has visited Antarctica, Amazon, and Kongos jungle. A real inspiration to me. After what Patric said about just raising the awareness of normal people will already help I have taken more interest in environmental things than before. In the Podcast Patric talks about the amount that humans are cutting the forest is 23 football fields every minute 24/7 that’s just mindblowing “Kornia” said Patric. 116 Species per day disappear a day it’s just an unbelievable amount of animals. Of course, new species come but for example, nowhere in Finland we have record Species that are called “itämeri kampella” which has come in 8000 years but when comparing those numbers 116 species disappear a day and the record of the fastest developed new species is 8000 years it does not comfort that much. Also, Patric discussed northern Madacascars jungle and if the wood cutting continues there at the same speed it is now going in 2032 there’s just a small spot of jungle remaining anymore. It is just so frustrating when you feel so small and basically, what can you do about it? William, Iisak, and Patric had a really good discussion about raising the awareness of normal people how to get normal people that won’t directly see the differences to live in a more sustainable way. Pata had a good point showing easy ways to what can you do for example using a different kind of material in furniture and putting the trash into the right place. Pata was visiting Peak mountains a few years back and saw a beach filled with thrash and thought to himself that something needs to be done and started to write a book that is targeted at kids. It would be a good thing to raise awareness about climate change in kids so they will be more aware when they grow up Pata also joked about it that he’s attacking the parents through their kids. And I think of that as a really good tactic I think that is a great way to even start the process. They also discussed the amount of plastic that´s in the water the amount is approx. 150.Billion.Tonnes to put that in to contrast Pata used Finnish people as an example that would be 30 000kg of plastic on every pupil’s front yard that’s. A lot…. So what can we as individuals do about it? Use public transport, bicycle, Save electricity buy more second-hand and so on and talk about it to others rising awareness about it always helps!

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