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Start with Why by Simon Sinek


After reading this book you will probably walk away with understanding yourself, and the enterprises around you in a greater measure because this book gives insight into what is what, what is How, and what is why, and why is why. This book is kind of an organizer for things we already know but do not know the magic behind our selves. It’s a sort of layman’s terms book. His “why” for the book, I believe is so that the reader can themselves become a better leader. He does this by inspiring those to rather not manipulate but inspire others. This book was written in the way to inspire you to think in this way as well. In a matter of fact way. Before Reading this book, I thought it was a book that was going to tell you about why you should start with why from a personal or organizational perspective. Not from the marketing perspective on how to get more customers by using why you do what you do to inspire people to be loyal to you.

The Book by chapters

Chapter 1: Assume you know
Chapter 2: Manipulation vs. inspiration
Chapter 3: The golden circle
Chapter 4: This is not opinion. This is biology
Chapter 5: Clarity, discipline, and consistency
Chapter 6: The emergence of trust
Chapter 7: How a tipping point tips
Chapter 8: Start with why, but know how
Chapter 9: Know why. Know how. Then what?
Chapter 10: Communication is not about speaking, it’s about listening
Chapter 11: When why goes fuzzy
Chapter 12: Split Happens
Chapter 13: The origins of a WHY
Chapter 14: The new competition

My thoughts

How a tipping point tips

This chapter outlines the types of people who are buyers in the market. He describes why these types of buyers a going to buy. For example, “the Innovators pursue new products or ideas aggressively and are intrigued by any fundamental advance; being first is a central part of their lives, to the other end of the curve such as the late majority, who are more practical-minded. For them, rational factors matter more. The farther right you go on the curve, the more you will encounter the clients and customers who may need what you have, but don’t necessarily believe what you believe. Everything usually boils down to price with them. They are rarely loyal and they rarely give a referral. It’s near impossible to achieve if you point your marketing and resources to the middle of the bell. This is because the early majority will not try something until someone else has tried it. Loyalty is when people are willing to suffer some inconvenience or pay a premium to do business with you. The goal of a business should not be to simply sell to anyone who wants what you have – the majority – but rather to find people who believe what you believe, the left side of the bell curve. Their willingness to pay a premium to use your product or service says more about them than it does about you and your products. Get enough of the people on the left side of the curve on your side and they encourage the rest to follow. If you have the discipline to focus on the early adopters, the majority will come along eventually. But it must start with WHY. You don’t just want any influencer; you want someone who believes what you believe. Only then will they talk about you without any prompts or incentives. If they truly believe in what you believe and if they are truly on the left side of the curve they won’t need to be incentivized; they’ll do it because they want to.”

I couldn’t leave anything out, there was just too much to miss, so, with that said, this completely reshaped the way I view the market, how I market, who to market to, this clearly identifies attributes of each type, and how to interact/sell with each type, clearly identify each type. This Immediately makes me think of music, how I can apply this to my music and my brand in how to market myself so that I can clearly identify what I am producing sonically, lyrically, visually and why. This makes me think about who would be my “innovators” because I have a different approach than others.

This has been a serious topic I have been wrestling with in my heart for a long time. I wrote a mixtape for the span of 3 years 8-5 years ago, as a project I enjoyed but wanted to reach people with. I always received good feedback on the quality of my music. Which was good. But I can tell that the content of the music to the people I showed was intense and explicit. Not the parental advisory kind of explicit, but the radical nature of my beliefs explicit. I had some support from people who had the same beliefs as I did, but most did not like the music I made (It was not their style). Which put me in a frustrated place causing me to take a step back to observe how I would approach the next project so that people could relate to it, without sacrificing my beliefs. This the insight I gain through this part of the book I realized that when writing and producing my next album I can figure out who will be my loyal customers that will influence others to enjoy my music as well.

Start with why, but know how

“Charisma has nothing to do with energy; it comes from a clarity of WHY. It comes from an absolute conviction in an ideal bigger than oneself”

I cannot express fully how this sentence makes me feel. I can safely say I have felt full embodiment of this before, and I must say, I want it again. There is something about pursuing a calling higher than yourself and fulfilling a mission set before you given by someone greater than you and being a part of the reason for change for good on this planet. You feel like nothing can stop you because you know who is for you. Reading this is calling me back to the vision I was given a long time ago. It is exciting.

For me, knowing how, hasn’t changed, but this is what I need to do to accomplish my what, so this is an excellent reminder for me to focus on my why, how, and what. I realize that I have put myself in many different situations in my life, which has made it a challenge to live how I’d like to.


This book is good for everyone, who wants to change their lives and change the world.

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