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Brazilian Visitors – Wings of Academy

Kirjoittanut: Luiza de Oliveira Vago - tiimistä Ei tiimiä.

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The year 2020 was difficult for our podcast due to COVID-19 restrictions. Now, fortunately, we can host guests in our beloved premises, hence they are able to get to know Proakatemia in a more effective way and the International Relations Team have the pleasure of networking with amazing people from all over the world.  In 2020, most of our podcasts were recorded online and now I have the joy of presenting our first episode with a very special visitors group! 

To me, of course, it has a different meaning and comfort recording with Brazilians, we not only share the same nationality, similar culture, and political opinions but also our contagious Brazilian sympathy and happiness! Three professors from the North region of Brazil, more specifically, Rondônia, joined me in this episode to talk about their opinions and experiences when it comes to Proakatemia and Finland in general. Their stay here lasted a few months and they have been studying and having fun along the way. 

The first guests of Wings of Academy season 2 are the professors Elise Marques Freire Cunha, Daniela Toda and Celso Soares Jr. It was great hearing from them what they learned about Proakatemia and the learn by doing method, learning contracts, and everything else we do here. I hope they enjoyed recording this episode as much as I did and to see them in Finland again asap! 😊 As Elise said in the episode: “We are different but we can make things together” and that is what matters the most in the end <3. 


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