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Bilingual Proakatemia

Kirjoittanut: Niina Piirainen - tiimistä Roima.

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In this episode of Wings of Academy, we talk about bilingual Proakatemia. What does bilingual mean and how does it show in lives of Proakatemia’s Teampreneurs?

I have two lovely guests with me. They both are first year students, so they both have a perspective of a Proakatemian Teampreneur. Jasmi Koskela is from team Roima and she’s a native Finn. Hassan Chakir is from team Syntre and as he comes from Morocco he represents international perspective and offers a point of view of student who doesn’t speak Finnish so well.

Among other thing we are wondering if we have any limitations because of a language barrier. We also have a good talk about how people appreciates an effort to communicate more than flawless language skills. How we could be even more connected community in Proakatemia? And why doesn’t Jasmi really go to the 4th floor?

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