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This is Armo’s Shark Tank pitching script. It is teamwork. We have followed the requirement of Proakatemia’s Shark Tank and the pitching structure mentioned in the essay “Reduce a fear of public speaking by pitching practice”.

Welcome, I am -, and I am here to represent you:

Armo project

Armo meaning us is a platform that offers small producers a chance to get into the international market. Our goal is to support fair, sustainable, and socially responsible trade.

The main problem that we are going to solve here is those small producers don’t have a fair opportunity to get into the international market. 

Other problems showcased here are part of the reason or consequence of it.

With our platform, we open a door to the international market for small producers.

We are doing that by paying the proper and fair payment for them to support their communities.

We are so proud to announce our first two products – Alpaca wool scarfs and bracelets that will also be our sales day products.

Life is getting harder and harder in small indigenous communities. For many of them making and selling alpaca wool products and handcrafts like bracelets are the only business they can live on.

When it comes to Proakatemia’s values and strategy.

Armo Project is following the values of Proakatemia: trust, courage and learning by doing.

We are aiming to be sustainable entrepreneurs who are socially responsible, promoting fair trade

and against mass production.

As shown on the screen our

The estimated revenue is                                                         36041€

The commission that we will be giving is                                  18%

The winning team can get                                                       6487€

We will also be giving out a Bestseller award of                   200€

During sales day our different channels will be:

B2B sales (cold call selling, email selling, one on one selling)

B2C sales (One on One selling or via Armo web store with promotion code)

Our prices are 


B2B price  64,50 (incl. 24% vat)

B2C price  129 (incl. 24% vat)


B2B price   3,95 (incl. 24% vat)

B2C price   7,99 (incl. 24% vat)

In our team, we have three co-founders

Omar – chief branding person, responsible for branding and strategic planning

Maria – chief marketing person, over 5 years experience in the clothing industry

Sandy – responsible for financial management, passionate about doing international trade

Our vision

We want to use our platform to change the clothing industry to be more sustainable, fair and socially responsible.

By doing that we want to be a part of making the world a better place.

And we are ready to take action on Sales day.

Thank you!

If you now want to ask questions, I would like to ask my team to join me at the stage.

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