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Are you looking for a gap in the market? Well don’t.

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Business For Punks
James Watt
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If you are working in a business or as an entrepreneur, i bet you have heard it before. I know for sure that i’ve heard it. “Look for a gap in the market”. Before these words have made much sense to me and since i’ve heard them i’ve been looking for the famous gap. Until this moment. I recently started reading a book Business for Punks by James Watt the Co-founder of BrewDog and yes, he is a for sure a punk.

Before we go in to the topic about the gap in the market i want you to know what it means to be a punk by James Watt. “At it’s core punk is about learning the skills you need to do things on your own terms. At BrewDog we reject the status quo, we are passionate, we don’t give a damn and we always do something which is true to ourselves. Our approach has been anti-authoritarian and non-conformist from the word go.” The book is written for the punks of the business world and it offers a whole new approach to how we do business. Also the books chapters are named accordingly, such as: Be a selfish bastard and ignore advice, Make banks your bitch and Bake your own goddamn pie.

What it means to Bake your own pie? By James Watt, it means that you stop looking for that gap in the market, or you are just like a fly searching for the remains of someones second-rate pie. It’s time to bake your own goddamn pie! What it means? It means to create a whole new market. “You have to narrow your focus to such an extent that there is no current market for what you do. This gives you the amazing opportunity to create a whole new category.” (Watt, 2016). Stop looking for the gap and start baking your own pie.




Watt, J. 2016. Business for Punks, break all the rules the BrewDog way. United Kingdom. Portfolio Penguin.  Read 6.4.2020. Referred 6.4.2020.

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