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A Journey of Personal Growth

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You are a badass: Lopeta itsesi vähättely ja elä täysillä
Jen Sincero
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The 2020s have brought in trends all about self-care and personal growth. Many people opt for change to upgrade their way of living but at the same time, people are stuck with wanting to change but not knowing how or where to start. People are often stuck in their comfort zones and are afraid to step out, while just that one step could make a lot of difference and might also come with great fortune. It is not about earning a lot of money all of a sudden, it could be about health, maintaining a schedule, or even achieving an A in a school. There are five steps to how you could be the best of yourself and work towards what you want efficiently. The book ‘You Are a Badass’ gives a detailed guide to bringing out the best in you.

How you got here

When you can not figure out what is going wrong, it is time to look at the subconscious decisions. Our brain makes subconscious decisions which we are not aware of since it is out of our controlling ability. Our subconscious mind contains the blueprint of our life. It is running the show based on the unfiltered information it gathered when we were kids. Otherwise known as our beliefs (Sincero, 2016). Our subconscious mind also works in a specific way because of our previous experiences or habits. For instance, if you grew up in a poor household and experienced your father kicking things around and gambling, you would relate wealth to struggle immediately without experiencing it yourself. Furthermore, when you believe that there is a higher energy, bigger than anything in the world, which many people know as  ‘the God’, it humbles you and allows you to meditate and manifest your goals. Manifesting is not only speaking out your goals or writing them down, rather it is supposed to make you believe that you have decided upon getting to your goal and there is no option. 

Sometimes we have already achieved our goal by since we are so busy trying to keep working for the same thing, we don’t see it. Sometimes the opportunities we seek are already present, but we are just so blind working to achieve them that we don’t even notice their presence. Lastly, we don’t have enough time to admire ourselves. It is as easy to believe that we are awesome as it is to believe that we are not, both take the same amount of energy. 

How to embrace your inner self

Most of the time, the challenges we are facing can be easily overcome, but it is our belief in ourselves that obstructs us from trying to give our best. Until and unless you start believing in yourself, you can not gather all your might to deal with a challenge. Believing in yourself does not mean that one has to be self-absorbed and dismiss others’ problems. Being humble and at the same time having confidence in yourself is what matters. People often seek validation from others and not from themselves. This leads to their dependence on other people which can be their boy or girl friend, family member, or friends. We are so engrossed in listening to what other people are talking about us that we start to believe it ourselves. There is no way to find how to love yourself. It is just being delicate with yourself and trying to keep things around you appropriate for your mental, physical and social health.

Tapping into the source

Meditation sounds very simple, just close your eyes and feel your body for five minutes. However, it is relatively difficult to keep your mind empty for those five minutes. Meditation gives your brain a break and gives you some time to know about how your body feels. We work continuously without taking any breaks and maybe all we need is to step back from the chaos and restlessness. Secondly, our brain is a very complex machine and is sometimes wired in a specific way which stops you from getting mind-blowing ideas that involve you stepping out of your comfort zone. Our mind is fully capable of making or destroying. We need to train our brains to think positively. For instance, to get your brain to think positively, you can change the wording in your speaking such as instead of saying ‘I can not do this’, you can say ‘This can not happen this way, there is another’. Lastly, one must show gratitude in their actions. We should not be so self-centred to consider the earth to be revolving around us. We are what we are due to our situations, it could also be different. We must be thankful to nature, our family, our friends and our partners. Gestures of gratitude increase the trust you have in yourself and give you unspoken confidence.

How to get over problems

Fear is one of the worst enemies which stays inside of you and destroys you. If your fears stop you from doing something, they are not right. Our mind often misleads us due to our habits and paradigms. Overthinking takes away the reality of something and your brain imagines a whole different thing which is nowhere near to reality. The amount you spend being stuck in your mind and not looking at it from a realistic point complicates it even more. Having the big picture gives you a wide range of possibilities to solve an issue.

How to put everything together

All the steps are laid down but the final thing to do is to put everything in action and keep doing some things. The decision-making process is very complex and makes outcomes based on previous experiences. However, that cannot be changed since it is one’s independent choice. One must make sure to think about their decision’s effect on others before making it. Sincero also states that looking for money is a realistic goal and nothing to be afraid of. Money is energy and energy which we need to take care of ourselves by providing basic needs. In the end, we must surrender ourselves to a greater force and not have ego in us. Believing in yourself could be challenging but easy once you tap into it. Trying to achieve goals which your fullest potential builds your inner strength which can be a handy tool in upcoming challenges.


To conclude, the idea of self-care has always existed, although it gained its popularity recently. It is our decisions that lead to what we are. Self-care is a choice and an action of being responsible for yourself. The book ‘You Are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero has a high impact on the readers with realistic points.


Sincero, J. (2016). You are a badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. Hachette UK.

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