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1 person 2 roles 2 teams

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1 person 2 roles 2 teams


People say that athletes are very selfish, and in fact those athletes that are playing team sports are actually very good team workers or team players. They have the knowledge of how working in a team and gets along with everyone. Before coming to Proakatemia I didn’t think I would never think how important my different roles in team sports would be, and more importantly how beneficial that will become in the up coming years. Here in Proakatemia it is a big benefit if one is team oriented and can adapt to team roles easily.

There is a saying that if you want to go fast you go alone, but if you want to go long you go as a team. This is very much agreeable just looking back in ho we started are journey in build a team company and building trust in everyone. An 18 members team with a lot of different backgrounds, cultures, and ages brings its own difficulties. Everyone has to make septations to make things work otherwise we would have 18 members how only has conflicts with each other’s which leads to bad environment in the team, and bad environment can cause a lot of negative things in the company but as well in Proakatemia community. There is many joy able similarities in team sport and in the team company, one of them is that both teams are filled with different kind of individuals. The different individuals cannot “step on each other’s” because that will cause problem, instead they have to learn how to adapt or handle their feelings when their different opinions. Also, remember that different kind of individuals can have a very big positive impact on each other but as well in the team whether it is sports or business.

Leading with leaders or with all the individuals? When thinking of a sports team we can name the captains who are considerate as leaders, they are the ones that pushes the team forward keeps the team on track and focused on their goals. As in a team company of course depending on the company form but in a cooperative company usually the company decides on its own if there are willing to have any leaders or not. In a way it is harder to be a part of a team company were all the individuals are leaders and has the rights to make decisions. Therefore, the team must be more accepting and open about everything. Often in a sporting teams there is the members how have more power to decided which as well makes it faster to make decisions. It is more of a hierarchy where the core members have a stronger voice than others.

What a learnt from being members of a sports teams and being a member of a company is that being able to make decisions based on the teams needs. One takes off from, that a learnt is that the individual cannot be bigger than the team. In many cases the individual must modify it owns needs. When an individual is a member of a team and is passionate about something it will do everything that is the best fit for the team.

To conclude, being a member of a team sport and being a member of team company has same characters and a lot of different characters. Important to know one’s role in both teams, and what are required form both. However, be yourself, but do understand that both of teams has many different personalities and if the team wants to as successful as possible and achieve all the goals, everyone needs so get along. Flexibility is required from everyone in the team and compromising is done by everyone.



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