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Eight step for successful change

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Our iceberg is melting
John Kotter & Holger Ratgeber
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I read the book ”Our iceberg is melting” by John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber. The book was written with a fable: penguins who lives in iceberg and it starts to melt. The point is this book was how to succeed and changing under any conditions. It was telling the life of penguins but it is JOTAIN to business life and about changes in organizations. I refered only one book so that is why I am putting only page numbers.

From the book, there is eight step process of the successful change.


First step: “Create a sense of urgency. Help others see the need of change and the importance of acting immediately” (p. 130)

“Fred knew he had to do something. But he was in no position to make any pronouncements or dictate how others should act. He was not one of the leaders of the colony. He was not even a son, brother, or father of one of the leaders of the colony. And he had no track record as a credible iceberg forecaster.” (p. 10)
This is maybe what is a difference between old-school hierarchical system and teamwork. In teams we work together for the same goal and everyone should get heard similary.



Second step: “Pull together the guiding team.” (p. 130)

“Head penguin said: The colony needs a team of birds to guide it through this difficult period. I cannot do the job alone. I believe the five of us are the best team for the task ahead. Look at the five of us. Define the challenge clearly. Make a list in your mind of each of our strengths. Decuse an answer to your own question” (p. 48)

This is also what we do in Proakatemia. In first year, we do the Belbin teamrole-test and by that we are separated in teams. In teams we have different kind of strengths and it takes time to find and use those strengths. The more complex problems we solve, more we have to have diversity in teams.



Third step: “Develop the change vision and strategy” (p. 130)

“This iceberg is not who we are. It is only where we live. We are smarter, stronger and more capable than the seagulls. So why can’t we do what they have done, and better? We are not chained to this peace of ice. We can leave it behind us. Let it melt to the size of a fish. Let it break into one thousand pieces. We will find other places to live that are safer. When necessary, we will move again. We will never have to put our families at risk from the sort of terrible danger we face today. We will prevail! (p. 77)”

In Proakatemias 20thbirthday party was published new vision. It is to be paragon of new entrepreneurship. We have done it with all community, by team-preuners and coaches. We all know Proakatemias history and how we are here where we are now. And we know, that we have to also work hard and to be forerunner.




Fourth step: “Communicate for understanding and buy in. Make sure as many others as possible understand and accept the vision and strategy (p. 131)”

“She quickly explained her latest idea: to come up with slogans to be put on iceposters. We need to remind the birds of what they have heard and remind them ALL THE TIME. The meeting in this morning was brief. Some of the colony were not here. The message is radical. We need much more communication – everyday, everywhere. (p.79)”

We talk about our new vision in our teams, like what that means and also we talked it in our Proakatemia day. It gives great perspective when you have conversations with other team members from other teams.



Fifth step: “Empower others to act. Remove as many barriers as possible so that those who want to make the vision a reality can do so. (p.131)

“The number of penguins actively working in the core group had dropped from thirty-five to eighteen. But now, as obstacles to change were being removed, as fewer and fewer of the more enthusiastic birds were feeling frustrated, distracted, or powerless, the numbers began to rise again. (p. 95)”

We give each other a feedback, specially if somebody does great job or overcomes his or her fears. It is a big thing to us, and maybe it somehow also explains why teampreuners gets more courage when studies advancing.



Sixth step: “Produce short-term wins. Create some visible, unambiguous successes as soon as possible. (p. 131)”

“Louis decided they would need evidence, and quickly, that their efforts were on the right track. So his next step was to ask Fred to select a small, elite group of athletic and highly motivated scouts, coordinate their schedules, and send them off to search for potential new homes. (p. 100)”

In teams we also chop our goals. For example in this vision, there is five things; the skills of planetary life, creativity skills, emotional intelligence skills, complexity skills and networking skills. Then we can work towards out vision.



Seventh step: “Don’t let up. Press harder and faster after the first successes. Be relentless with initiating change after change until the vision is reality. (p.131)”

“Almost as soon as the scouts arrived, they began to tell amazing tales about the sea, about swimming long distances, and about new icebergs they had seen. Everyone crowded around the birds. (p. 105)”

It is obvious, that first we have to unlearn somethings to learn new ways to do or think. For example, our vision and those five things are pretty abstractive. We have used to see entrepreneurship more simple way, really concrete, but nowadays we need to learn more abstractive skills.



Eight step: “Create a new culture. (p.131)”

“A though selection process was created for scouts. They were also given more fish. And their status within the colony went up even further. The penguin school system added “Scouting” as a new required subject in the curriculum. (p. 121)”

The teams in Proakatemia try to question old traditions and ways to do. Teams try to create new ways to do for example how to distribute money. And it is pretty cool.



As a summary, the organization changes need a lots of communication and those who have a clear vision and capable to lead. And to do that by taking everyone with them. It is the beauty of the Proakatemia, that you can really influence to different things.




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