That Chip On Your Shoulder

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WARNING: This essay contains language not suitable for children.

Again I’m facing a somewhat familiar problem: I listened to English spoken material so good, that I wouldn’t dare to go and translate it (thanks Gary). Luckily, now that I’ve written all the essays that need to be done, I’m able to write bullshit like this. Also, I’m pretty sure reading this will help some of you avoid the traps I’ve gotten myself into during the last two years.

This spring I poured my heart out on a bullshit essay just like this one. I had a really hard time figuring out what it is that I’m good at and would like to do. Now that I’m looking back I feel stupid as hell. In that very essay i wrote exactly what I’d like to do. I’d like to train horses and win races. Right after that sentence I wrote: ”I just don’t know what it is that I’d like to do and how could I do it”. That’s how fucked up you’ll get doing the things you think you want to or need to do for too long.

Proakatemia is all about exiting your comfort zone. You’ll need to challenge yourself in a way you probably never have before. But it takes a long time (seemingly, or is it just me?) to figure out the difference between challenging yourself and banging your head against a wall. Yeah, I admit it. In the beginning I was the one telling everyone to go do something, fucking anything. The problem with finding out what you’d really like to do is that how the hell you’re gonna find it if you’ve never tried different things? Or if you already know what it is you’d like to do, why the hell aren’t you executing on it? I learned this the hard way and I’m afraid it has been like that for so many students before me and will be like that for so many of you in the future too.

The thing that Gary said that struck me was: ”What are you doing when you could be doing anything? What are you doing when you’re not thinking about business at all?”. For me the answer was ”I train horses and develop anything I can get my hands on”. How is it that it never truly crossed my mind, that I could train horses and develop my own business around that for living? Maybe ’cause my father told me to go to school and get a real job. I guess I’m not the only one who’s heard that. What if the best video game players in the 00’s weren’t told to ”get a real job”? They could be making millions today (btw that was also Gary, you should seriously go listen to some of his keynotes or podcasts).

The other thing he said that hit me hard was that we all have these chips on our shoulder. The urge to go tell someone – hell, sometimes anyone – that ”I fucking told you”. Personally, that chip on my shoulder is the one thing I know will keep me going ’til the end. I just never thought I could use it as a fuel to build my career.

So before I’m leaving this school after finding my true passion, I’d like every one of you to ask yourself: ”What are you doing when you could be doing anything?”. Also, go check the fucking podcasts and videos. It’ll be time well spent.



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