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Published in:  6.1.2019.


Laziness is often considered as a bad thing. But the gifts that laziness really brings havent been said enough. In it’s own way laziness is an important feature in people. Lazy people tend to be more creative since they come up with different ways do things more easily.


Adam Mann writes in that lazy people are more entreprenurial. They’re more relaxed and get time to think about new ideas since their minds are not filled with responsibilities.

It’s true. I feel like everyone should try to forget all the responsibilities every now and then.


We can learn a lot from lazy people. Why go the hard way if it’s possible to take the easy way? It might not always be good but it’s also good to not to stress. Avoiding stress is a skill that lazy people are good at. When a person is not stressed they can reach better results. It’s always a good thing in the business world, right?

So if we keep our eyes on the lazy ones we really might learn something from them. There’s always a better way to do something. New inventions are being made all the time by people who make things easier. The lazy people.





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